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Packets of silica gel dessicant.

Carbon-neutral process turns rice waste into silica compounds

Two U-M researchers turn useless waste from rice processing into the high-purity silica compounds that are used in everything from toothpaste to tires.|Medium Read
Satellite image of Earth

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading

A microscopic marine alga is thriving in the North Atlantic to an extent that defies scientific predictions, suggesting swift environmental change as a result of rising carbon dioxide in the ocean.|Medium Read
Power station exterior

Carbon capture analyst: Coal should stay in the ground

Serious flaws have been found in a decade’s worth of studies into the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon capture and storage could be four times as costly as previously thought. |Medium Read
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Follow students at COP21 Paris climate conference

Three Michigan Engineering students are attending a global climate change meeting that they hope will be pivotal on society’s path toward a more sustainable future.|Short Read
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U-Michigan receives $5.4M for energy projects

Two new Department of Energy grants that total $5.4 million will let Michigan Engineering researchers work on transformational engine and battery projects. Their efforts could lead to efficiency gains in cars and trucks, the electrical grid, and beyond.|Short Read
Side profile of dynamic kirigami structure

Art-inspired solar cells

Kirigami could be the key to flat, lightweight solar cells that can track the sun across the sky.|Medium Read
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Passenger cars & trucks contribute 15% of greenhouse gases

A Michigan Engineering professor served on the national committee that authored a new report on Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and greenhouse standards that was recently released.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Recycling nuclear waste: U-M helps test advanced reactor design

An advanced nuclear reactor under development by Hitachi could help solve the nuclear waste problem.|Medium Read
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How pollen might make clouds

Michigan engineers were able to see that when pollen breaks down it can indeed produce particles that are small enough to seed cloud growth. |Short Read
Aircraft flying above the Earth

Flight of the methane hunters

At just a bit over crop duster height, University of Michigan researchers are flying through a 50-square-mile hotspot of the greenhouse gas methane over the U.S. Southwest.|Medium Read

Peecycling: Beyond flush and forget

In the first large-scale pilot project of its kind in the nation, the researchers are testing whether they can safely make fertilizer for food crops out of disinfected human urine.|Long Read
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Sustainability hour: Keith Soster

This North Campus Sustainability Event will focus on the process of structuring a sustainable program that makes sense.|Short Read