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An even smaller world’s smallest ‘computer’

The latest from IBM and now the University of Michigan is redefining what counts as a computer at the microscale. | Short Read

Joi Mondisa
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The Wall Street Journal June 18, 2018
Can ultrasonic noise make you sick?
Kevin Fu, associate EECS professor, and his team showed how ultrasonic signals can combine to produce audible and potentially dangerous tones similar to the ones that the diplomats described.
Motherboard June 26, 2018
The world’s smallest computer can fit on the tip of a grain of rice
EECS professors David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester, and Jamie Phillips led the development of the system.
Forbes June 26, 2018
May Mobility is deploying self-driving vehicles block by block, starting in Detroit
Edwin Olson, associate EECS professor, is the CEO of May Mobility
Economic Times June 26, 2018
Novel ship coating can help reduce fuel, energy costs
Anish Tuteja, associate MSE professor, and his team have developed a novel type of "omniphobic" coating that can repel water, oil and alcohol, thus helping the US Navy reduce fuel as well as energy costs.