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connected cars navigating the roads

How self-driving car subsidies could carry us through the ‘dark age’ of deployment

A game-theory approach identifies which policy could support autonomous vehicles' market penetration—and environmental benefits. | Medium Read

A View Beyond

A personal tour through what Hubble has shown us.

The Washington Post January 8, 2020
Voting machines touted as secure option are actually vulnerable to hacking
EECS-CSE professor Alex Halderman's latest study shows that hybrid voting machines are still vulnerable to hacks.
The Guardian January 22, 2020
Yes wee can: study gives green light to use urine as crop fertiliser
CEE associate professor Krista Wigginton's research is featured in The Guardian.
The New York Times January 17, 2020
Avoiding carsickness when the cars drive themselves
U-M IOE alum, Monica Jones, an assistant research scientist at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, is leading a series of studies with the goal of helping people avoid motion sickness in self-driving cars.
Chicago Tribune January 10, 2020
How do you handle a generation’s worth of water level changes in just a few years?
CLaSP professor Richard Rood explains that climate change will cause more variance in our weather, leading to higher highs and lower lows.