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An angled close-up of a folded metal origami sheet with cylinders attached and evenly spaced.

Origami sonic barrier could reduce traffic noise

The ancient paper folding art was combined with wave propagation physics to create a new traffic noise barrier. | Medium Read

How to Disrupt

Lessons from Tony Fadell

Science February 6, 2018
Disturbing losses of protective ozone near Earth’s equator may be tied to short-lived chemicals
Richard Rood, CLaSP professor, is quoted.
International Business Times February 22, 2018
Inspired by eel, scientists develop implantable ‘Soft Power’ electric device
Professor Max Shtein is a co-author on the paper.
The New York Times February 22, 2018
The myth of the hacker-proof voting machine
J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, is quoted.
Reuters February 21, 2018
Pacemakers, defibrillators are potentially hackable
Kevin Fu, Associate EECS professor, is quoted.