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Jupiter's moon Europa viewed from space

Europa’s ocean: New evidence from an old mission

Image from Hubbel, data from Galileo support theory moon is home to global body of water | Medium Read

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IEEE Spectrum May 16, 2018
Crossbar Pushes Resisted RAM into Embedded AI
Company co-founded by Wei Lu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Applied Physics Professor, hopes to move artificial intelligence systems into mobile devices.
Wired May 16, 2018
It takes a single autonomous car to prevent phantom traffic jams
Gabor Orosz, ME associate professor, led the research.
Wired April 26, 2018
The lab making robots walk through fire and ride segways
Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, and his lab are teaching bipedal robot Cassie to navigate all kinds of environments.
Engadget April 25, 2018
Our democracy is broken. Why can’t technology fix it?
J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, proved that voting software was vulnerable to security threats.