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Electricity, eel-style: Soft power cells could run tomorrow’s implantables

Device generates over 100 volts from saltwater | Short Read

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The Atlantic December 14, 2017
A new kind of soft battery, inspired by the electric eel
Max Shtein, MSE associate professor, co-authored the paper.
US News & World Report December 4, 2017
Detroit student lab aims to inspire careers in STEM fields
Michigan Engineering and chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. announced Thursday they opened a Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab in Detroit.
Politico November 28, 2017
Too late to upgrade election defenses?
J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, is quoted.
Engadget November 21, 2017
Kevlar cartilage could help you recover from joint injuries
Nicholas Kotov, ChE and MSE professor, led the study.