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Jay Guo holds a sheet of flexible transparent conductor on the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering North Campus. The material sandwiches a thin layer of silver between two “dielectric” materials, aluminum oxide and zinc oxide, producing a conductive anti-reflection coating on the sheet of plastic.

Making plastic more transparent while also adding electrical conductivity

Michigan Engineers change the game by making a conductive coating that’s also anti-reflective. | Medium Read

A Face That Looks Like Mine

Wired June 22, 2020
What is a side channel attack?
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Daniel Genkin explains how the pursuit of performance over security can lead to more side channel exploits.
Chronicle of Higher Education July 9, 2020
One university asked students for social-distancing ideas. here’s what they proposed.
Student buy-in is crucial for social-distancing policies to work, experts say. So the University of Michigan opened the floor for a campus-wide innovation challenge.
Planet Detroit June 25, 2020
DTE Gas announces plan to go ‘net zero’ by 2050; activists skeptical
Todd Allen, the Glenn F and Gladys H Knoll Department Chair of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, is quoted in Planet Detroit.
Popular Mechanics June 17, 2020
The HVAC system of the future swaps thermostats for thermal cameras
Michigan Engineers' HVAC system accounts for comfort while using less energy, reports Popular Mechanics.