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Data center

A breakthrough for large scale computing

New software finally makes ‘memory disaggregation’ practical. | Medium Read

ORACLE TEAM USA's AC45 catamaran uses hydrofoils to "fly" above the water.
Racing for control

With glory – and danger – on the line, precision engineering rules the day.

The New York Times March 14, 2017
It’s possible to hack a phone with sound waves, researchers show
Kevin Fu, EECS Associate Professor, authored the research paper.
Time April 18, 2017
Coal’s last kick
Mark Barteau, CHE professor and Advanced Energy Research professor, comments on the future of the coal industry in the U.S.
WXYZ April 13, 2017
Largest freestanding Rubik’s cube unveiled at University of Michigan
Noel Perkins, ME professor, discusses his work as an advisor to the team of students building the cube.
In the News April 4, 2017
Self-healing waterproof coating stays dry for the long term
Anish Tuteja, MSE associate professor, discusses creating a water-repellent spray-on coating that he and the other researchers claim is hundreds of times more durable than similar substances in New Atlas.