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ivanov in the trees

Spotlight: Data is life

Take a multimedia trip to the Amazon and meet the researchers who are working to understand how the future of the rainforest could affect us all. | Short Read

We’re doing ethanol wrong

Business Insider May 20, 2020
You probably won’t catch the coronavirus from swimming. It’s the crowds on the beach that matter.
CEE Associate Professor Krista Wigginton explains that risk factors for outdoor activities are mostly dependent on crowd size and density.
The Hill May 28, 2020
An affordable zero-emissions grid needs new nuclear
In an op-ed, Todd Allen, the Glenn F and Gladys H Knoll Department Chair of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, explains nuclear energy's role in the 21st century.
In the News May 8, 2020
Engineering talent shortage a ‘critical bottleneck’ for eVTOL industry, says VFS
Carlos Cesnik, the Clarence L (Kelly) Johnson Collegiate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, is quoted in
Chronicle Tech News April 23, 2020
Michigan company invents fast & effective COVID-19 antibody test
BME professor Xudong (Sherman) Fan's portable, detailed and quick COVID test is featured in Chronicle Tech News.