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Elizabeth Agee in the Amazon rainforest.

Hands-on in the Amazon

As the climate changes, a grad student and mom decodes the math that drives the rainforest. | Medium Read

A View Beyond

A personal tour through what Hubble has shown us.

The New York Times July 11, 2019
Hold ’Em or fold ’em? This A.I. bluffs with the best
Michael Wellman, the Lynn A Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, explains how AI-playing Texas Hold 'Em could drive cybersecurity advancements.
The Wall Street Journal July 16, 2019
Moon-landing technology may help new transportation take flight
Ella Atkins, professor of aerospace engineering, explains how innovations during the Apollo program led to some of the most significant developments for aerospace.
Business Insider June 18, 2019
Trump says he’s had ‘one very brief meeting’ about UFOs but remains skeptical
Aerospace Professor Iain Boyd's op-ed explaining new UFO reporting protocols by the Navy are cited by Business Insider.
Wired June 15, 2019
Google Stadia has kicked off a new age of gaming data harvesting
John L Tishman Professor of Engineering John Laird tells Wired computer games are a valuable tool for analyzing human behavior and decision-making skills.