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Reading cancer’s chemical clues

A nanoparticle-assisted optical imaging technique could one day read the chemical makeup of a tumor. | Medium Read

A photograph of people holding cocoa pods in Haiti.
Building A Stronger Haiti – With Chocolate

Bloomberg September 21, 2017
Best driverless tech going nowhere as regs stall under Trump
Huei Peng, ME professor and Associate Director of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center, is quoted.
Science News September 22, 2017
Intense storms provide the first test of powerful new hurricane forecast tools
Chris Ruf, CLaSP and EECS professor, is the lead scientist for CYGNSS.
The New York Times September 13, 2017
US updates self-driving car guidelines as more hit the road
U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao visits Mcity to announce new guidelines for autonomous vehicles.
The Washington Post September 8, 2017
Extreme Hurricane Irma closing in on Florida, posing dire threat
Seth Guikema, IOE associate professor, helped develop the model used to predict the storm's path.