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A robotic, prosthetic leg

Space motor helps make robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable and extends battery life

Getting rid of some gears enabled a free-swinging knee, regenerative braking and brought the noise level down from vacuum cleaner to fridge. | Short Read

The Future of Lasers

EdTech August 12, 2020
Clean sweep: how sanitization drones can improve campus safety
Aerospace Professor Ella Atkins tells EdTech University of Michigan is using UAVs to sanitize surfaces on campus. August 7, 2020
Can a building truly be COVID-proof? A look at the latest virus-busting technology.
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jesse Capecelatro provides some best practices to staying safe in the COVID era.
Interesting Engineering August 3, 2020
These origami-inspired microbots can execute complicated tasks
CEE Assistant Professor Evgueni Filipov's microbot research is featured in Interesting Engineering.
Forbes August 3, 2020
How to clean your N95 mask or face covering with COVID-19
Michigan Engineering research on mask decontamination is featured in Forbes.