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Student uses a device to measure bacterial levels in urine samples

Blue Sky: Up to $10M toward research so bold, some of it just might fail

Inspired by startup funding models, Michigan Engineering reinvents its internal R&D grant structure. | Medium Read

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Bloomberg August 8, 2018
Sounding the alarm on the dangers of electronic voting
EECS-CSE professor J. Alex Halderman discusses electronic voting and hacking vulnerabilities with Bloomberg News.
CNBC August 14, 2018
Robots are already taking human jobs, but it may not be such a bad thing
AERO professor Ella Atkins says robots could one day replace unsafe or unhealthy jobs currently held by humans.
Forbes August 14, 2018
How Michigan know-how is bringing bikes into the connected driving revolution
Mcity's role in the future of bicycle-to-vehicle tech is highlighted by Forbes.
Sky News August 7, 2018
We’re in a Golden Age of solar research: Professor Gombosi
In an interview with Sky News, CLaSP professor Tamas Gombosi discusses strides in space weather research.