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An even smaller world’s smallest ‘computer’

The latest from IBM and now the University of Michigan is redefining what counts as a computer at the microscale. | Short Read

Joi Mondisa
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The New York Times July 20, 2018
Car engineers scoff at enthusiasts’ modifications. But not always.
Jason Siegel, ME assistant research scientist, is quoted.
Wired July 20, 2018
Zoox flashes serious self-driving skills in chaotic San Francisco
Huei Peng, ME professor, and Matthew Johnson-Roberson, NAME and EECS professor, discuss the state of the art self-driving technology on display in San Francisco.
Nature July 19, 2018
Death-defying NASA mission will make humanity’s closest approach to the Sun
Justin Kasper, CLaSP associate professor, is principal investigator for Parker’s Solar Wind Electrons Alphas and Protons (SWEAP) investigation.
Motherboard July 19, 2018
How students are trying to bring solar-powered cars to our roads
The American Solar Challenge has commenced. Our U-M Solar Car Team is fighting to maintain its position as America's top team, with 6 consecutive National Championships.