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Roya Ensafi, CSE Research Assistant Professor, uses her computing system, Censored Planet. Photo: Joseph Xu

Online censorship detector aims to make the internet a freer place

Censored Planet could provide new insight into the flow of online information | Short Read

A pixellated man stands in front of a suburban neighborhood
Built By Humans. Ruled By Computers.

The great and terrible consequences of an algorithmic world.

National Public Radio February 7, 2019
Research team investigating Internet censorship with tracking system
EECS-CSE research assistant professor Roya Ensafi explains how Censored Planet monitors censorship online.
WJBK Fox 2 February 21, 2019
As Earth warms, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to get more snow
CLaSP professor Richard Rood explains how climate change can lead to more extreme weather events.
Science February 15, 2019
Physicists create a quantum refrigerator that cools with an absence of light
New LED cooling research led by Mechanical Engineering professors Pramod Reddy and Edgar Meyhofer is detailed in Science.
In the News February 14, 2019
Lansing, we have a problem: Whitmer kills $2.5M rocket plan pushed by Snyder
Anthony Waas, the Richard A Auhll Department Chair of Aerospace Engineering, explains why a pivot in Michigan's space race plans might not be a bad thing.