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Semiconductor breakthrough may be game-changer for organic solar cells

Buildings, clothing could generate power | Medium Read

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Lessons from Tony Fadell

TechCrunch January 8, 2018
May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience
Edwin Olson, May Mobility’s founder and CEO, is an associate professor of computer science and engineering.
Smithsonian January 17, 2018
Electric eels inspire a new type of battery
Max Shtein, MSE professor, co-authored the paper.
Science News January 10, 2018
This artificial cartilage gets its strength from the stuff in bulletproof vests
Nicholas Kotov, CHE and MSE professor, led the study.
Motherboard December 22, 2017
A new type of computer could render many software hacks obsolete
Todd Austin, CSE professor, led the research.