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Intel processor vulnerability could put millions of PCs at risk

Patches can provide protection. | Medium Read

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BBC August 16, 2018
‘Foreshadow’ attack affects Intel chips
EECS-CSE professor Thomas Wenisch explains how Foreshadow was discovered and the implications of the security risk.
CNBC August 14, 2018
Robots are already taking human jobs, but it may not be such a bad thing
AERO professor Ella Atkins says robots could one day replace unsafe or unhealthy jobs currently held by humans.
Forbes August 14, 2018
How Michigan know-how is bringing bikes into the connected driving revolution
Mcity's role in the future of bicycle-to-vehicle tech is highlighted by Forbes.
Sky News August 7, 2018
We’re in a Golden Age of solar research: Professor Gombosi
In an interview with Sky News, CLaSP professor Tamas Gombosi discusses strides in space weather research.