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Eyke holds the kirigami in hand

Kirigami sensor patch for shoulders could improve injury recovery, athletic training

Low-cost sensors could one day enable patients to log exercise and track progress in a smartphone app | Medium Read

A View Beyond

A personal tour through what Hubble has shown us.

Time September 19, 2019
Trump says cutting regulations is good for business. But his new battle on car emission standards could hurt the auto industry
CEE professor Peter Adriaens says the Trump administrations efforts to cut auto industry regulation could diverge the US and global market.
Forbes October 1, 2019
Pre-checked cookie consent invalid, EU court rules
A study detailing cookie practices co-authored by EECS-CSE professor Florian Schaub is cited in Forbes.
Michigan Daily September 30, 2019
University Professors talk using AI technology for bipolar disorder
Associate CSE Professor Emily Mower Provost is collaborating with other U-M researchers to develop computational methods for measuring mood symptom severity in bipolar disorder.
The New York Times September 26, 2019
‘A planet full of ifs’: young people express climate angst
CLaSP professor Richard Rood tells New York Times about the anxiety spurred by climate change lectures.