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A render of PSP approaching the sun

Solving the sun’s super-heating mystery with Parker Solar Probe

Probe will go where no spacecraft has gone and measure a process never directly observed before. | Medium Read

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USA Today May 30, 2019
Floods, tornadoes, snow in May: Extreme weather driven by climate change across US
CLaSP professor Richard Rood tells USA Today that climate change is causing more extreme weather events across the U.S.
Newsweek June 5, 2019
One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Sun may soon be solved
CLaSP associate professor Justin Kasper explains how Parker Solar Probe can help prove a theory for why the Sun's outer atmosphere is warmer than its surface.
Wired May 21, 2019
GM gives all its vehicles a new soul
Mechanical Engineering Professor Anna Stefanopoulou explains the impact of connected, data-collecting vehicles in Wired.
Wired May 16, 2019
Atmospheric methane levels are going up—and no one knows why
CLaSP Assistant Professor Eric Kort told Wired that atmospheric methane is a wicked, but solvable problem for the planet.