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Solar car racing on road in Australia.

Record-breaking second place for Solar Car Team

The national champions celebrate the most successful world race finish in team history. | Medium Read

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NBC October 11, 2017
This fake city promises real change for transportation
Mcity is a digital ghost town where self-driving vehicles can be tested without real-world risk. October 13, 2017
Ion thruster prototype breaks records in tests, could send humans to Mars
Alec D. Gallimore, Robert J Vlasic Dean of Engineering, is quoted.
The Washington Post October 12, 2017
Dutch team wins 7th Australian solar-powered car race
The University of Michigan Solar Car Team placed second in the world at the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.
NBC October 12, 2017
Self-flying planes may arrive sooner than you think. Here’s why
Ella Atkins, AERO and EECS professor, is quoted.