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Cells under a microscope

Speedy “slingshot” cell movement observed for the first time

New findings suggest it might one day be possible to direct healthy cells to advance tissue repair therapies. | Short Read

A pixellated man stands in front of a suburban neighborhood
Built By Humans. Ruled By Computers.

The great and terrible consequences of an algorithmic world.

United Press International March 13, 2019
Speedy cells documented performing ‘slingshot’ maneuver for first time
BME professor Brendan Baker's documentation of human cells' "slingshot" maneuver is detailed by United Press International.
NBC March 11, 2019
Goodyear unveils flying car tire concept that works on the ground and in the air
AERO professor Ella Atkins discusses the technical challenges of designing practical tires that could allow vehicles to take flight.
Forbes March 6, 2019
GE says it’s leveraging artificial intelligence to cut product design times in half
AERO professor Karthik Duraisamy discusses GE's artificial intelligence implementation with Forbes.
Inside Higher Ed March 6, 2019
Top universities in U.S. targeted by Chinese hackers
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and Clinical Professor of EEC-CSE Ravi Pendse explains the unique cybersecurity risks universities face, Inside Higher Ed reports.