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the ISS overlooks aurora borealis

More than $5M to improve solar storm forecasts

U-Michigan researchers play lead roles in national effort funded by NSF, NASA. | Medium Read

The Future of Lasers

The New York Times August 31, 2020
Humans take a step closer to ‘flying cars’
Professor of Aerospace Engineering Ella Atkins tells New York Times that eVTOL machines will have mixed applications, being more efficient than helicopters but less efficient than cars.
National Public Radio September 23, 2020
Politics and climate change science clash as west coast wildfires rage
Professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Ricky Rood is interviewed WEMU.
The New York Times August 31, 2020
Looking to reopen, colleges become labs for coronavirus tests and tracking apps
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Krista Wigginton tells New York Times that universities are working to find new tools to help them track and curb the spread of COVID-19 on campuses.
Detroit News August 14, 2020
Detroit-to-Ann Arbor self-driving vehicle corridor aims for national leadership
University of Michigan, the state and industry partners' connected corridor initiative is highlighted in Detroit News.