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Affordable lead sensor for home, city water lines

Citizens could become water quality watchdogs and monitor lead contamination at their own taps with new electronic sensors. | Medium Read

ORACLE TEAM USA's AC45 catamaran uses hydrofoils to "fly" above the water.
Racing for Control

With glory – and danger – on the line, precision engineering rules the day.

NBC August 1, 2017
Ford Motor Co. says it’s first automaker to test autonomous vehicle
Ford releases video of autonomous vehicle testing at Mcity.
NBC August 7, 2017
Why this year’s ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico is bigger than ever
Don Scavia, Director of Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, is quoted.
Wired August 7, 2017
Puny humans still see the world better than self-driving cars
Brandon Schoettle, Project Intermediate Manager at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, is the author of a new paper about the subject.
Scientific American August 1, 2017
Should the world tap undersea methane hydrates for energy?
Eric Kort, CLaSP assistant professor, led a 2012 Nature study that indicated methane fluxes there are similar to those on the Siberian shelf.