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BepiColombo approaching Mercury. Credit: European Space Agency

U-M researchers to help unravel Mercury, solar system mysteries

In ESA's BepiColombo mission, an examination of the particles in Mercury's upper atmosphere will shed light on what the planet is made of. | Medium Read

Ripple Effect

What’s happening in Detroit, with the help of the Michigan Engineering Zone, may help solve Michigan’s economic manpower problem.

The Washington Post October 2, 2018
Nobel Prize in physics awarded for ‘tools made of light’; first woman in 55 years honored
Three researchers, including EECS-ECE Professor Emeritus Gérard Mourou are winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics. October 12, 2018
University of Michigan researchers look to make diesel fuel from algae with $2M grant
MLive details algae biofuel research at U-M supported by a $2M grant from the Department of Energy. ME professor André Boehman is quoted.
The Washington Post October 9, 2018
Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 2, on collision course with Florida Gulf Coast
IOE Associate Professor Seth Guikema's hurricane power outage forecast is a source in the Washington Post.
Science October 4, 2018
Most ambitious Mercury mission yet will explore mysteries of innermost planet
CLaSP professor James Slavin explains how new tech will help scientists get a better understanding of Mercury in upcoming mission.