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The 3D printed block M model made by Scott and Burns team. Photo: Evan Dougherty

3D printing 100 times faster with light

The new method also results in a stronger print than typical layered models. | Short Read

Putting the AI in aviation

United Press International January 14, 2019
Light powers faster 3D printing
CHE professor Mark Burns details new 3D printing that's faster and stronger than traditional methods.
Wired January 16, 2019
A poker-playing robot goes to work for the Pentagon
Michael Wellman, the Lynn A Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, discusses how AI might help in military decision-making with Wired.
The Washington Post January 11, 2019
AccuWeather developed a hurricane category scale, and it worries some meteorologists
CLaSP professor Richard Rood discusses on-going challenges of predicting hurricanes with Washington Post.
January 9, 2019
Climate’s big unknown: What’s happening beneath Antarctica’s ice?
CLaSP professor Richard Rood discusses the impact of climate change with the Wall Street Journal.