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2 researchers in an MBE lab

Dawn of nitride ferroelectric semiconductors for next-generation electronics

The ability to precisely tune electrical polarization switching through molecular beam epitaxy is a gamechanger|Medium Read
Scan from CYGNSS

Tracking ocean microplastics from space

Satellites give new insights on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, plus sources and flows of ocean microplastic.|Medium Read
3D printed wings

Bird-like wings could help drones keep stable in gusts

"3D morphing" wings could help small aircraft safely navigate windy urban streets and land with shorter approaches.|Medium Read
North University Ave. early morning before the hustle and bustle of daily life at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI

‘Transportation is a form of freedom’: How to make it more equitable

Why we need greater collaboration among transportation companies, cities, nonprofits and academia.|Medium Read
A close look at the PrivacyMic device.

Less nosy smart speakers

Technology could capture household information without recording speech.|Medium Read
Computer simulations identified the conditions under which nanoscale cubes would self-assemble into a grid, incorporating flat triangular shapes between them. This technique could help enable new kinds of materials with new properties.

Nanoengineering integrates crystals that don’t usually get along

A team of computational and experimental engineers demonstrate a blueprint for building materials with new properties from nanocrystals .|Medium Read
North campus photo taken by a drone

PhD candidate Bowei Li wins 2021 Probabilistic Methods Committee’s Best Student Paper Award

Li’s work in machine learning seeks to model potential structural damage from natural disasters.|Short Read
Robot building a tower of champagne glasses

Best paper award for a robot that can see and move transparent objects

The method enabled robot arms to build a tower of champagne glasses.|Short Read
Michael Wang, materials science and engineering Ph.D. candidate, uses a glove box to inspect a lithium metal battery cell in a lab at the University of Michigan in 2020.

Next-gen electric vehicle batteries: These are the questions we still need to answer

University of Michigan researchers lay out hurdles for tech that could double EV range.|Medium Read
Rucha stands in grad cap and gown next to the EECS building sign

Profiles in ECE: Rucha Apte (MS ECE 2021)

From the internships that inspired her interest in signal processing and machine learning to late night study sessions at the Duderstadt to her background in classical dance, Master’s student Rucha Apte shares her journey with us. |Medium Read
The Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV) vehicle

U-M’s Automotive Research Center is a ‘national strategic asset’

For more than 25 years, ARC has been a source of technology, modeling, and simulation for the Army's fleet of vehicles.|Medium Read
Four women walking in the Grove on campus

A resilient campus

How engineers are applying their expertise for future planning.|Long Read