North Campus in the spring. Photo: Joseph Xu

Prioritizing diversity to benefit the field of engineering

It’s part of our job.|Medium Read

Myth 6: Access to engineering education is equal opportunity, and even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be our problem to solve

In the final myth, we uncover how good ideas and creative people aren't always met with equal access to education and resources.|Medium Read
four panelists

Myth 5: Women and minorities aren’t as good at leadership

In myth five, we unpack how a rich range of experiences can elevate organizations and lead to better performance.|Medium Read
MEZ students

Myth 4: Women and minorities aren’t as interested in or good at engineering

In myth four, we explain how diverse groups can make for more ethical products, more inclusive design and uncover missed opportunities.|Medium Read

Myth 3: Women and minorities don’t need safe spaces because there’s nothing unsafe about engineering

In myth three, we unpack how safe spaces aren’t just havens in which to escape stereotyping—they are places in which the cultures most comfortable to many students and faculty thrive.|Medium Read

Myth 2: Engineering doesn’t benefit from including people of different races, genders and other forms of identity diversity

In myth two, we explore how diversity can make teams think harder and add to their personal and professional toolkit.|Medium Read

Myth 1: Engineering is a meritocracy

In the first of six myths, engineering as an apolitical meritocratic ideal is debunked, and we argue engineers must reflect on their social systems and pay attention to their malfunctions. |Medium Read
the plasma test

Lab-on-a-chip offers faster means of identifying best plasma donors in COVID fight

University of Michigan collaboration with Hackensack Meridian CDI offers new pathway to identify antibodies.|Medium Read
A closer look at two catalyst reactions

Chemistry and energy: Machine learning to understand catalyst interactions

Toward harnessing machine learning to design the materials we want.|Medium Read
an example of the erasing message

Burn after reading

A self-erasing chip for security and anti-counterfeit tech.|Medium Read
Hercules laser

Coordination and collaboration are critical to U.S. leadership in plasma science: a Q&A with the Plasma 2020 Decadal Study co-chair

Plasma science has the potential to speed advances in medicine, energy, electronics and more—including helping us deal with pandemics.|Medium Read

Mirror-like photovoltaics get more electricity out of heat

By reflecting nearly all the light they can’t turn into electricity, they help pave the way for storing renewable energy as heat.|Medium Read