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An open field with solar panels, power lines, and wind turbines.

In the news: Michigan Engineering experts July 25-29

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In The News


July 25

Chess-playing robot breaks boy’s finger

Nima Fazeli says robotic systems like those used in the chess competition don’t belong in a setting with people, especially children. Fazeli is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and an assistant professor of robotics.


July 26

Department of Defense names nine university faculty to receive vannevar bush fellowships

Sharon Glotzer is among those named to receive fellowship. Glotzer is the Anthony C. Lembke Department Chair of Chemical Engineering, John Werner Cahn Distinguished University Professor of Engineering, Stuart W. Churchill Collegiate Professor of Chemical Engineering, a professor of materials science and engineering, and a professor of macromolecular science and engineering.

Popular Science

July 27

Why hasn’t Henry Ford’s ideal power grid become a reality?

Johanna Mathieu discusses paths toward energy sustainability for Popular Science. Mathieu is an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

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