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A researcher holds the transparent solar panel up to plants outside so you can note its transparency

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July 28

The long shot

Lennard Fisk discusses the potential of a new probe equipped with modern instruments that could help us learn more about interstellar space. Fisk is the Thomas M. Donahue Distinguished University Professor of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.

Quanta Magazine

August 3

Geometric analysis reveals how birds mastered flight

Research led by Christina Harvey that analyzed how birds sustain agile flight. Findings could help us create more stable air vehicles and drones in the future. Harvey is an aerospace engineering Ph.D. student.


August 3

Semi-transparent solar cells the size of windows

Stephen Forrest’s research that could pave the way for transparent solar windows is featured. Forrest is the Peter A. Franken Distinguished University Professor of Engineering, Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and a professor of material science and engineering.


August 4

A Southwest passenger says the plastic barrier on her airplane window shattered during a flight to Las Vegas. An airplane expert says it didn’t pose any safety threat.

Joaquim Martins explains that plastic barriers on planes don’t help maintain cabin pressure, so one cracking during a flight isn’t a risk. Martins is the Pauline M. Sherman Collegiate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and a professor of naval architecture and marine engineering.

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