In the News

The New York Times May 1, 2020

Is it safe to come out of lockdown? Check the sewer

CEE Associate Professor Krista Wigginton explains how wastewater might help us detect coronavirus in a community before it spreads.
Michigan Daily April 28, 2020

Competition held to examine new markets and uses for nuclear fuel

Chronicle Tech News April 23, 2020

Michigan company invents fast & effective COVID-19 antibody test

BME professor Xudong (Sherman) Fan's portable, detailed and quick COVID test is featured in Chronicle Tech News.
Tech Times April 23, 2020

University of Michigan creates plasma jet wands that can quickly disinfect hospitals

Michigan Engineering researchers work is featured in Tech Times.
Engadget April 23, 2020

Portable ‘cold plasma’ wand prototype could destroy germs in seconds

Michigan Engineering researchers work is featured in Engadget.
The New York Times April 16, 2020

Richard Passman, space-age engineer who kept his secrets, dies at 94

Richard Passman was an aeronautical engineer with a hand in designing the earliest spy satellites, supersonic planes and long-range missiles. Mr. Passman had a leadership role in many of the technologies that gave the United States strength in aircraft, spy satellites and missiles.
Reuters April 14, 2020

U.S. underestimates methane emissions from offshore oil industry

Associate Professor of Climate and Space Sciences Eric Kort says Gulf of Mexico emissions are twice as high as expected.
VICE April 13, 2020

Security cameras are keeping track of social distancing in public spaces

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Jason Corso details how his Voxel51 platform tracks social distancing in real time.
FOX April 8, 2020

Why is there still a coronavirus test kit shortage in the US?

Clyde W Johnson Collegiate Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering Mark Daskin's medical supply chain study is reported in Fox Business.
In the News April 7, 2020

The key to tracking coronavirus could be your poo

Research led by Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Krista Wigginton is featured on Medium's One Zero tech and science blog.
Michigan Radio April 7, 2020

In hospitals and labs, researchers find ways to clean and reuse masks

Michigan Engineers are working with medical professionals to find ways to clean and reuse N95s during supply shortages.
Wired April 7, 2020

One way to potentially track COVID-19? Sewage surveillance

Collaborative research led by Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Krista Wigginton is featured in Wired.