In the News

Wired January 16, 2019

A poker-playing robot goes to work for the Pentagon

Michael Wellman, the Lynn A Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, discusses how AI might help in military decision-making with Wired.
Nature January 15, 2019

3D printing gets a lift from light

Nature explains new 3D printing method
United Press International January 14, 2019

Light powers faster 3D printing

CHE professor Mark Burns details new 3D printing that's faster and stronger than traditional methods.
The Economist January 12, 2019

Light work: 3D printing

New 3D printing method is covered by The Economist.
The Washington Post January 11, 2019

AccuWeather developed a hurricane category scale, and it worries some meteorologists

CLaSP professor Richard Rood discusses on-going challenges of predicting hurricanes with Washington Post.
Wired January 9, 2019

The elite intel team still fighting Meltdown and Spectre

The Wall Street Journal January 9, 2019

Climate’s big unknown: What’s happening beneath Antarctica’s ice?

CLaSP professor Richard Rood discusses the impact of climate change with the Wall Street Journal.
Bloomberg January 2, 2019

Self-driving cars keep tapping the brakes

Matthew Johnson-Roberson, an EECS-CSE and NAME associate professor and co-director of the University of Michigan’s Ford Center for Autonomous Vehicles, discusses the growing pains of self-driving vehicles with Bloomberg.
C-SPAN December 21, 2018

NASA Mars Insight prelaunch briefing with Andy Klesh

Michigan Engineering alumnus Andy Klesh explains how the MarCO probes will deploy and function during their mission.
In the News December 21, 2018

A big push for small satellites for NASA science

Michigan Engineering's connection to recent MarCO probes is highlighted.
In the News December 21, 2018

From Midland to Mars: 2007 Midland valedictorian integral in helping us watch Mars landing

Michigan Engineering's connection to MarCO probes is highlighted.
In the News December 21, 2018

Freakonomics Radio Live: “We Thought of a Way to Manipulate Your Perception of Time.”

EECS-CSE professor Rada Mihalcea is a guest on the Freakonomics podcast where she discusses her fake news detecting algorithm.