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MIT Technology Review October 16, 2018

Waymo’s cars drive 10 million miles a day in a perilous virtual world

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ramanarayan Vasudevan discusses the testing involved in making autonomous vehicles safe.
In the News October 16, 2018

Ann Arbor startup, Ecovia Renewables, aims to create compostable diapers

Details of the new compostable diaper start-up run by primarily U-M graduates and faculty are detailed by the
ABC October 15, 2018

How hackable are American voting machines? It depends who you ask

EECS-CSE professor Alex Halderman discusses voting machine vulnerabilities ahead of the midterm elections.
In the News October 12, 2018

52 people have died on the job in DFW since 2017, and one industry sticks out

CEE professor SangHyun Lee discusses construction safety and new technology that could improve the lives of workers. October 12, 2018

University of Michigan researchers look to make diesel fuel from algae with $2M grant

MLive details algae biofuel research at U-M supported by a $2M grant from the Department of Energy. ME professor André Boehman is quoted.
Detroit Free Press October 11, 2018

University of Michigan researchers to use algae to make diesel fuel

Free Press details the $2M grant U-M researchers received to pursue algae biofuels.
Associated Press October 11, 2018

University of Michigan researchers get algae biofuel grant

The Associated Press details the $2M grant given to U-M to drive algae biofuel research.
The Washington Post October 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 2, on collision course with Florida Gulf Coast

IOE Associate Professor Seth Guikema's hurricane power outage forecast is a source in the Washington Post.
In the News October 8, 2018

Zetian Mi joins PBS SciTech Now for interview

EECS-ECE professor Zetian MI is featured in PBS SciTech Now.
Detroit News October 8, 2018

U-M researchers get algae biofuel grant

Detroit News details the $2M grant to support U-M algae biofuel research.
In the News October 8, 2018

University of Michigan researchers get $2 million grant for developing algae-based biodiesel

Biofuel research is detailed by Green Optimist.
Science October 4, 2018

Most ambitious Mercury mission yet will explore mysteries of innermost planet

CLaSP professor James Slavin explains how new tech will help scientists get a better understanding of Mercury in upcoming mission.