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The Hill July 1, 2019

‘Moneyball’ approach to closing the $2 trillion infrastructure finance gap

In a Hill op-ed, CEE professor Peter Adriaens explains how data can inform smarter infrastructure choices in the future.
June 26, 2019

Mingxin Liu receives award for advancements in green chemistry

Dr. Mingxin Liu received a 2019 IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry from the Int. Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Liu is a visiting researcher working with Prof. Zetian Mi on photo-catalyzed material and energy conversion using semiconductors.
Yahoo June 24, 2019

Proprietary chip design allows PsiKick, now Everactive, to power wireless sensors entirely from harvested energy, eliminate the need for batteries

PsiKick, the company pioneering wireless, batteryless Internet of Things (IoT) systems and co-founded by a U-M Prof. David Wentzloff, today announced it has changed its name to Everactive and closed a $30 million funding round.
EE Times June 18, 2019

Analog AI Accelerator Startup Raises $30m

AI accelerator chip start-up Mythic, founded in 2012 at U-M by EECS alumnus Mike Henry and Dave Fick, has raised $30 million in a B1 funding round.
Business Insider June 18, 2019

Trump says he’s had ‘one very brief meeting’ about UFOs but remains skeptical

Aerospace Professor Iain Boyd's op-ed explaining new UFO reporting protocols by the Navy are cited by Business Insider.
The New York Times June 17, 2019

Overflowing Great Lakes pose new threat for endangered bird

An op-ed co-authored by CLaSP professor Richard Rood is cited in a recent New York Times report on the impact of climate change.
Wired June 15, 2019

Google Stadia has kicked off a new age of gaming data harvesting

John L Tishman Professor of Engineering John Laird tells Wired computer games are a valuable tool for analyzing human behavior and decision-making skills.
Mic June 13, 2019

Privacy policies are too complicated to understand, new analysis confirms

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Florian Schaub explains how many privacy policies are unfair to consumers.
June 10, 2019

Organic Solar Cells Achieve the Highest Efficiency Rate

GineersNow profiles EECS-ECE Prof. Stephen Forrest's research improving the efficiency and longevity of organic solar cells.
In the News June 10, 2019

Here are 9 ways to build better roads in Michigan

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Victor Li's 'bendable concrete' is featured in Bridge.
FOX June 7, 2019

NASA’s Parker solar probe may solve 500-year-old Sun mystery

CLaSP Professor Justin Kasper explains how the Parker Solar Probe will test a theory for why the sun's outer atmosphere is hotter than its surface.
International Business Times June 5, 2019

Sun’s super-heating mystery: scientists pin hopes on Parker Solar Probe

CLaSP professor Justin Kasper explains a theory for why the sun's outer atmosphere is hotter than its surface.