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Time June 13, 2018

Net Neutrality is officially dead. Here’s how the changes could affect you, according to experts

Florian Schaub, assistant EECS professor, is quoted.
Scientific American June 11, 2018

Could connected cars pose a new threat to smart cities?

Z Morley Mao, EECS professor, co-wrote the article with EECS PhD candidate Qi Alfred Chen.
In the News June 5, 2018

Goodyear to test intelligent tires at Mcity in Michigan

Huei Peng, ME professor and director of Mcity, is quoted. Automotive IT reports.
In the News June 5, 2018

Goodyear testing intelligent tires at University of Michigan site

Huei Peng, ME professor and director of Mcity, is quoted. Tire Business reports.
National Public Radio June 5, 2018

Toyota’s V-2-V technology would allow cars to talk to each other on the highway

Jim Sayer, director of the U-M Transportation Research Institute and adjunct CEE professor, is quoted.
In the News June 5, 2018

Satellites from San Antonio-based institute drawing interest after a year in space

Chris Ruf, CLaSP professor, is the principal investigator on the CYGNSS project. Texas Public Radio reports.
WXYZ June 5, 2018

Driverless shuttles introduced at University of Michigan

Two autonomous shuttles were launched on U-M's North Campus.
Inside Higher Ed June 5, 2018

Driverless shuttle at University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has begun using a driverless shuttle on part of campus, as part of a research project to measure consumer reactions to riding in vehicles without drivers.
Wired June 5, 2018

To bring on the robocars, scientists must understand how humans ride

U-M research facility Mcity launched two driverless shuttles to study human reactions to autonomous vehicles.
Michigan Radio June 4, 2018

Driverless shuttles start carrying passengers in Ann Arbor

The 11-passenger shuttles are part of a research project from M-City, a public-private partnership with U-M that develops driverless technology.
Crain's Detroit Business June 4, 2018

UM launches driverless shuttles after construction delay

Two driverless shuttles will cover a one-mile round-trip route at U-M's North Campus Research Complex in Ann Arbor. The shuttle, free for riders, will make the route every 10 minutes 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Automotive News June 4, 2018

Driverless shuttles launch in Mich. after construction delay

Autonomous vehicle testing center Mcity launched two driverless buses Monday for a one-year period in which user behavior and data will be collected via onboard cameras, Wi-Fi and lidar detection systems.