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In the News June 4, 2021

Get to know Michigan Aerospace alumna and Uber co-founder, Uma Subramanian

In this article she shares her career as a CEO at Aero, a leisure-focused luxury airline, and gives readers the inside scoop on her favorite things.
May 27, 2021

The Vertical Flight Society announces winners of the inaugural Design-Build-Vertical Flight Student Competition

The Vertical Flight Society has announced the winners of its inaugural Design-Build-Vertical Flight (DBVF) Competition. U-M Aerospace Engineering student team Michigan Vertical Flight Technology Team has been awarded 1st-place in the first round of the Vertical Flight Society’s Design-Build-Vertical Flight student competition for their preliminary design proposal for their aircraft.
Bloomberg May 3, 2021

Putin finds ally in China’s TikTok in crackdown on critics

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Roya Ensafi explains how Russia's approach to censorship is a landmark for other countries.
National Science Foundation April 30, 2021

Even COVID Can’t Stop ZEUS

Professors Louise Willingale and Alec Thomas are plasma physicists at the University of Michigan. This married pair works with students, gives public talks, and juggles childcare responsibilities. Research looks different now that the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the kids home and limited in-person laboratory work.
dbusiness April 24, 2021

U-M Researchers Develop 3-D Motion Tracking for Autonomous Tech

Researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have developed a 3-D motion tracking system that could one day replace LiDAR and cameras in autonomous technologies.
The Washington Post April 8, 2021

The revolution in satellite technology means there are swarms of spacecraft no bigger than a loaf of bread in orbit

A cubesat built by University of Michigan students is attempting to use the Earth’s magnetic field for propulsion, which would give all cubesats a way to stay in space longer
Bloomberg April 7, 2021

There’s another way to pay for infrastructure projects

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Peter Adriaens op-ed in Bloomberg explores the ways the U.S. can finance infrastructure improvements by packaging and selling data on their usage.
The Washington Post April 7, 2021

The revolution in satellite technology means there are swarms of spacecraft no bigger than a loaf of bread in orbit

Professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Brian Gilchrist's class where students built small satellites is featured in Washington Post.
March 31, 2021

Siemens solutions and expertise help develop a groundbreaking course in MBSE

With a groundbreaking engineering course based on real-world MBSE product development tools and techniques, the University of Michigan is empowering students with the knowledge and hands-on skills that are needed by their future employers and underrepresented in engineering curricula. In 2020 Michigan Aerospace Engineering introduced a new systems engineering and leadership course. “We want to take this approach into other dimensions, other engineering departments,” says George Halow, Professor of Practice at Michigan Aerospace. “If it works in aerospace, why can’t it work in mechanical or biomedical or in any other engineering discipline? The sky is the limit as to where this can go.”
NASA March 31, 2021

New Space Tech Research Institutes to Advance Electric Propulsion, Entry Systems

Technology drives exploration, and as NASA eyes deep-space human exploration, technology is at the forefront of its plans. Preparing for these missions requires technology development within the agency and research by external experts in various fields. As part of this effort, NASA will establish two new university-led Space Technology Research Institutes (STRIs), which will join four already active institutes. The new STRIs will bring together researchers from different disciplines and organizations to tackle challenges associated with electric propulsion ground testing and atmospheric entry systems modeling. The new STRIs aim to advance these game-changing technologies for exploring the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
In the News March 30, 2021

Air Serv and University of Michigan Partner to Improve Aerial Support in Humanitarian Aid

Air Serv International and the University of Michigan have entered into a groundbreaking partnership aimed to improve transportation logistics in field programs. This is the first collaboration for Air Serv International, one of the world’s leading aviation service providers for humanitarian missions, and the University of Michigan’s Aerospace department, the fourth ranked undergraduate aerospace engineering program in the country. The two entities are actively working to explore the impact and advantages of aerospace technology in humanitarian operations, and are engaging in a year-long program to develop an unmanned aircraft designed specifically for this purpose.
Time March 29, 2021

‘Garbage freaking everywhere’ as Americans venture outdoors after a year of lockdowns

Professor Brian Love is quoted in Time.