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Wired April 22, 2019

Kitty Hawk, flying cars, and the challenges of ‘going 3D’

AERO professor Ella Atkins discusses the FAA's capability to keep up with autonomous aviation safety regulations.
Detroit Free Press April 19, 2019

Experts weigh in on how much Michigan’s heavy trucks damage the state’s roads

UMTRI senior research associate Steve Karamihas explains the variables that make protecting vulnerable roads a challenge in Michigan
In the News April 19, 2019

Cold plasma inactivates 99.9% of airborne viruses

CEE professor Herek Clack's nonthermal plasma research that could one day replace the surgical mask is detailed.
April 17, 2019

Wearable Device Acts as Biopsy Alternative

EECS-ECE PhD alum Tae Hyun Kim is part of a project that has made a prototype for a wearable device with a cancer-cell-capturing chip that could be used in place of a biopsy to more accurately test a patient for cancer.
Eurekalert! April 17, 2019

In lung disease, crackling and wheezing can be more than just a sign of sickness

BME professor James Grotberg explains a paradigm shift for how doctors understand what they hear through a stethoscope.
Futurity April 17, 2019

What it means when lungs crackle and wheeze

A Q&A with BME professor James Grotberg on what it really means when doctors hear crackling and wheezing through their stethescopes.
April 16, 2019

Purdue selects Peroulis to lead School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

EECS-ECE alum Dimitrios (Dimitri) Peroulis (MSE PhD 1999 2003) has been selected to head Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
In the News April 16, 2019

New technology kills viruses

CEE professor Herek Clack's research using nonthermal plasmas on airborne viruses is detailed.
Scientific American April 13, 2019

How climate-friendly would flying cars be?

A study from the University of Michigan and Ford Motor Co. reveals the impact flying cars could have on the environment compared to electric cars.
Daily Mail April 12, 2019

Air filter could kill 99.9% of deadly bacteria and viruses floating in the air in the blink of an eye and may even replace the traditional face mask

CEE professor Herek Clack's nonthermal plasma research is detailed.
In the News April 12, 2019

Genius new device can kill 99.9% of an airborne virus in the blink of an eye

Research led by CEE professor Herek Clack could one day replace the surgical mask.
April 11, 2019

Symposium marks growth for Princeton’s materials institute

EECS-ECE Prof. Stephen Forrest was honored at Princeton as a keynote speaker where he spoke about innovation and the importance of cooperation among science, academia, and industry.