In the News

IEEE Spectrum February 19, 2018

Exposing the power vampires in self-driving cars

Greg Keoleian, CEE professor, is the senior author on the paper.
Los Angeles Times February 19, 2018

Toyota Prius software fix may reduce fuel efficiency, experts say

Heath Hofmann, EECS professor, is quoted.
Vox February 19, 2018

This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy

Levi Thompson, CHE and ME professor, is quoted.
In the News February 16, 2018

Researchers develop computational tool predicting performance of long, narrow wings

Are longer, more flexible wings like these the way of the future for commercial transport aircraft?
Los Angeles Times February 8, 2018

Toyota failed to fix defect that can cause Prius to overheat and lose power, dealer claims in lawsuit

Heath Hofmann, Electrical Engineering professor, adds his expertise on a 2016 Toyota Prius recall in the Los Angeles Times.
Science February 6, 2018

Disturbing losses of protective ozone near Earth’s equator may be tied to short-lived chemicals

Richard Rood, CLaSP professor, is quoted.
Inside Higher Ed February 5, 2018

The ‘Huh?’ Button

Perry Samson, CLaSP professor, co-founded a company called LectureTools, which enabled students to give feedback to instructors in real time using their phones, laptops or tablets.
In the News January 31, 2018

SRC’s new R&D centers

The new $32 million center will develop new ideas in computing frontiers, such as autonomous control, robotics and machine-learning. Semiconductor Engineering reports.
Michigan Daily January 29, 2018

University collaborates on healthcare research into worker injury

Brian Denton, IOE professor, discusses a two-year research project with the goal of optimizing health care plans and return-to-work times for employees on injury or sick leave.
Michigan Daily January 28, 2018

New app reinvents University bus system to be more like Uber

Pascal Van Hentenryck, Industrial and Operations Engineering Professor, discusses the Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility (RITMO) project, which aims to revolutionize public transit through an online app that turns transportation into an on-demand service.
Fortune January 25, 2018

Watch a meteor explode over Michigan, causing loud boom and brilliant flash of light

Mike Liemohn, CLaSP professor, is quoted. January 25, 2018

Small Michigan meteor packed a seismic punch, experts say

Michael Liemohn, CLaSP professor, weighs in.