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Claude Shannon: Juggling ones and zeros

His inventions spanned the spectrum from playful to paramount.|Long Read

Early innovators: Biomedical engineering upstarts

Research spawns companies that forge advancements in numerous fields.|Medium Read

Early and often: Biomedical engineering rises

Naturally evolving collaborations and adept leaders combine to forge early breakthroughs|Medium Read

Walter Lay: Automotive engineering pioneer

The Michigan program in automotive studies rose alongside and in cooperation with nearby Detroit automakers.|Medium Read
Willow Run Research Center, MIDAC circa 1950s. Photo courtesy Bentley Historical Library.

Cool Computing: MIDAC To MTS To CAEN

The goal was straightforward, but the path to building the nation’s most sophisticated engineering-based IT system was long and winding.|Medium Read

The Michigan-Coulter partnership: Accelerating translation

A pivotal program catapults promising biomedical technologies from lab to marketplace.|Medium Read

LASIK: The Bladeless Scalpel

Accidental discovery leads to bladeless version of popular permanent vision correction surgery.|Short Read

Michigan Engineers: Elite Astronaut Corps

Of the relatively few astronauts in the history of the world, more than our fair share have been Michigan Engineers.|Medium Read

Wood walks to work: The one who stayed

Going broke in Detroit may have been the best thing that ever happened to DeVolson Wood – and Michigan Engineering.|Short Read

Propulsion compulsion: From Apollo to PEPL to Mars

Michigan Engineering took advantage of a Bendix offer, and a Michigan Engineer took advantage of an opportunity.|Medium Read
Black and white photo of early solar panel

Solar energy lab: ahead of its time

An active search for alternative energy sources well before they were cool.|Medium Read

Micro lifesaver: Lab-on-a-chip

Tiny laboratories on microfluidic devices can improve health care for all|Medium Read