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LASIK: The Bladeless Scalpel

Accidental discovery leads to bladeless version of popular permanent vision correction surgery.|Short Read

Michigan Engineers: Elite Astronaut Corps

Of the relatively few astronauts in the history of the world, more than our fair share have been Michigan Engineers.|Medium Read

Wood walks to work: The one who stayed

Going broke in Detroit may have been the best thing that ever happened to DeVolson Wood – and Michigan Engineering.|Short Read

Propulsion compulsion: From Apollo to PEPL to Mars

Michigan Engineering took advantage of a Bendix offer, and a Michigan Engineer took advantage of an opportunity.|Medium Read
Black and white photo of early solar panel

Solar energy lab: ahead of its time

An active search for alternative energy sources well before they were cool.|Medium Read

Micro lifesaver: Lab-on-a-chip

Tiny laboratories on microfluidic devices can improve health care for all|Medium Read
Research and presentation materials from Ernest Kirkendall’s 1942 diffusion paper

Kicking the hornet’s nest: the Kirkendall Effect

A 23 year-old Michigan Engineering graduate student turned metallurgy upside down.|Medium Read

JSTOR: Michigan-enabled

Early Collaborations Led to Comprehensive Digital Academic Journal|Medium Read

Beyster Collections showcase a lifetime of ideas from U-M alum

Three permanent exhibits on U-M's North Campus pay tribute to the achievements of Michigan Engineer J. Robert Beyster|Medium Read
Aerospace Engineering logo

Aero Throwback: Better ways to get to a football game

The early days of Michigan's flying clubs are full of adventure, mishaps and tenacity.|Medium Read
Picture of the original members of the QuarterDeck Society

Quarterdeck Society: afloat since 1905

The Indoor Yacht Club gets a new name...and endures.|Medium Read
Aerospace Engineering logo

Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial honors late Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth

The final Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial Lecture honored the professional and personal contributions of Arthur B. Modine Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth.|Medium Read