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Aero Throwback: Better ways to get to a football game

The early days of Michigan's flying clubs are full of adventure, mishaps and tenacity.|Medium Read
Picture of the original members of the QuarterDeck Society

Quarterdeck Society: afloat since 1905

The Indoor Yacht Club gets a new name...and endures.|Medium Read
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Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial honors late Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth

The final Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial Lecture honored the professional and personal contributions of Arthur B. Modine Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth.|Medium Read

William Gould Dow: Visionary leader sparks sponsored research

Also a leader in education, Dow published a classic engineering electronics textbook and introduced numerous first-of-their-kind courses.|Medium Read

Michigan Bicentennial Celebration: Spring Festival 2017

Events, symposia, and activities galore - in celebration of a rich past; in pursuit of a meaningful future|Short Read

Renovated nuclear reactor building opens as world-class labs

Inside the new Nuclear Engineering Labs, researchers in the nation's top-ranked nuclear engineering program will focus on advancing nuclear security, nonproliferation, safety and energy.|Medium Read

Rotating Detonation Engine: The Old Is New Again

Michigan Engineers re-visit early research of legendary Arthur Nicholls to create a brave new future|Medium Read
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First engineering shop: From there to here!

From an early appropriation of less than three thousand dollars would come multitudes.|Short Read
The famous Queen Mary 2 in the water with the bulbous bow visible

Ship shape: the design that shook the world

The bulbous bow, the punched card, and a new direction in ship design.|Medium Read

Charles Vest: Leader and Pioneer

Mechanical engineering professor makes his mark in research, leadership, and friendship|Medium Read
Two people with the IBM704 computer printer at the Computing Center

Analog to digital: The Ford Foundation computer project

Donald Katz, professor and chair of the chemical and metallurgical engineering department from 1951-62, took the College   from analog to digital solutions.|Medium Read

M-BARC: The Orbiting Time Capsule

Michigan Engineering students celebrate the Bicentennial by launching a time capsule into space.|Short Read