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an image of solar array on UM North campus with reflection of a sunset on the solar cells

In the news: Michigan Engineering experts December 6-10

Highlights include NPR, Bloomberg, and Scientific American.

In The News


December 6

U.S. Energy Department invests $3.4M in U-M-developed solar projects

Andrej Lenert and Neil Dasgupta’s research projects on a solar sponge and a testing framework that assesses solar-thermal material performance are featured in DBusiness. Lenert is an assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Dasgupta is an associate professor of mechanical engineering.

Scientific American

December 8

In a first, physicists glimpse a quantum ghost

Mackillo Kira explains the significance of reconstructing a quantum wave function. Kira is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

U.S. News & World Report

December 8

Qualcomm’s AI chip chief departs to take helm at startup MemryX

MemryX startup was founded in 2019 by University of Michigan professors Wei Lu and Zhengya Zhan.


December 8

A new report on VPNs shows they’re often a mixed bag for privacy

Roya Ensafi’s research team created a tool to assess various VPN security suites. Ensafi is an assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science.


December 8

Tesla autopilot critic who took U.S. job out as trial witness

Ella Atkins is now an expert witness in a suit against Tesla’s auto pilot crash. Atkins is a professor of aerospace engineering.

New Scientist

December 9

Snow-proof solar panels keep working even in icy weather

Anish Tuteja’s research on a solar farm in Alaska was featured in New Scientist. Tuteja is a Pprofessor of materials science and engineering, professor of macromolecular science and engineering and professor of chemical engineering.


December 9

Poop sleuths hunt for early signs of omicron in sewage

Krista Wigginton tells NPR that by looking at sewage water, experts can get early indications on COVID variant spread within communities. Wigginton is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

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