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In the news: Michigan Engineering experts December 13-17

Highlights include Nature, CBS News and U.S. News and World Report.

In The News

U.S. News & World Report

December 13

Tips for International STEM Students in the U.S.

Kevin Pipe says it’s important to thoroughly research particular STEM programs at U.S. universities if you are coming from an international program. Pipe is the director of graduate degree programs in the College of Engineering and professor of mechanical engineering.

Civil eats

December 14

Glass, Plastic, Or PLA? Dairies Struggle to Replace Single-Use Bottles

Gregory Keoleian explains the trade-offs of various bottling methods and their environmental impact. Keoleian is a professor of civil and environmental engineering.


December 15

NASA probe is the first spacecraft to ever enter the sun’s atmosphere

Justin Kasper says Parker entering the sun’s atmosphere means we’ll finally be able to start unpacking the physics and behaviors of the region. Kasper is a professor of climate and space sciences and engineering.


December 15

NASA’S Parker Solar Probe Touches The Sun’s Searing Upper Atmosphere

Kasper also told Forbes about the benefits of learning more about the sun’s atmosphere.


December 15

Embryo-like models shed fresh light on early human development

Jianping Fu shares perspective on what can be learned about early human development after restrictions on research were lifted last spring. Fu is a professor of biomedical engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering.

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