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Barton Malow already uses simple robots on some job sites, such as the MULE, which helps workers place retaining wall block. The firm is a collaborator on a $2M, U-M led project that aims to enable robots to learn from and cooperate with human construction workers. Photo: Construction Robotics

In the news: Michigan Engineering experts September 13-17

Highlights include Gizmodo and The Washington Post.

The Washington Post

September 11

After a summer of weather horrors, adapting to climate change is an imperative

Richard Rood co-authored an op-ed on the need for an adaption response to climate change in addition to mitigation responses. Rood is a professor of climate and space sciences and engineering.

Dbusiness magazine

September 13

U-M to lead research team bringing VR robots to construction sites

Carol Menassa tells DBusiness that we need to redefine the balance between human and robot workers, and Michigan Engineering’s NSF-backed research aims to do that. Menassa is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.


September 13

What’s the future of air travel?

Ella Atkins shares her perspective on the next decades of air travel, saying electric air vehicles with many engines and eVTOLs show promise, even if they’ll be prohibitively expensive at first. Atkins is a professor of aerospace engineering and professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

Fast Company

september 16

This magic room charges your phone as soon as you walk in

Alanson Sample discusses his new research, which created rooms with wireless electricity, enabling the use of lamps and fans and charging cells phones all without the need for power cords. Sample is an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

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