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Lumped capacitors set into wall cavities in the wireless charging room.

In the news: Michigan Engineering experts August 30 – September 3

Highlights include Nature and the New York Times.

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August 30

University of Michigan researchers unveil wireless ‘charging room’ system that powers phones, laptops

Alanson Sample explains the range of applications wireless “charging rooms” could have in the future. Sample is an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science.


august 31

What’s next for lab-grown human embryos?

The significant impact of Jianping Fu’s research is featured in Nature. Fu is a professor of biomedical engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering.

The New York Times

September 1

G.O.P. Election Reviews Create a New Kind of Security Threat

Alex Halderman explains the challenges of securing electronic voting machines. Halderman is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

Great Lakes Now

September 1

Rising Waters: Great Lakes lighthouse keepers fight to preserve history in the face of climate change

Richard Rood explains that the increased precipitation in the Great Lakes region will likely continue due to climate change.

Fox Detroit

September 2

Lake Huron sinkhole may hold secrets to how Earth got its oxygen

Brian Arbic says that a theory from a recent study could have implications for how life begins for organisms on other planets. Arbic is a professor of climate and space sciences.

ABC News

September 2

How New Orleans handled Hurricane Ida after post-Katrina changes

Seth Guikema tells ABC that with storms as powerful as Ida, power outages could last for weeks, and that utility companies will likely look to restore power before looking to make improvements to the infrastructure that supports it. Guikema is a professor of industrial and operations engineering and a professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Scientific american

September 2

This room could wirelessly charge your devices

Alanson Sample’s research was also featured in Scientific American, where he explains that by keeping the power threshold safe enough, users could simply walk into a room at begin charging their phone.

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