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North campus’ Grove and Duderstadt during fall 2018.

Faculty and staff rewarded for promoting Michigan Engineering values

A new pilot program recognizes faculty and staff for their creativity, innovation and daring.

An institution’s culture is hard to define and harder to measure. It’s very hard to draw bright lines between causes and effects. It’s everywhere and mostly unnoticed.

That culture is created one choice at a time, as individuals decide how to relate to their coworkers, colleagues and students – right now, in the moment. Michigan Engineering has defined the values intended to guide those choices, strengthen relationships and encourage bold thinking.

As part of that effort, this fall marked the launch of a Michigan Engineering 2020 Strategic Vision pilot program to reward and recognize staff and faculty who take extra steps to advance the College. The program recognizes those on campus whose achievements embody a forward-thinking approach to fostering College values and building its culture.

“From innovation in mentorship opportunities to creative course design to undertaking of daring research programs, the recipients of rewards under the 2018 faculty incentives program are exemplifying Michigan Engineering values,” said Michael Wellman, associate dean for Academic Affairs and the Lynn A. Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering.

North campus’ Grove and Duderstadt during fall 2018.
North campus’ Grove and Duderstadt during fall 2018. Photo: Evan Dougherty

“Staff have always stepped up to look for ways we can improve! It is great to have an additional way to recognize that effort,” said Deborah Mero, the senior executive director of Resource Planning and Management. “They have done things like create new programs to support creativity, innovation and daring across the College; advance our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; provide more opportunities for professional development; and streamline business processes. We’re excited to see what improvements they’ll advocate for next.”

Here are a few examples of this year’s faculty recipients:

The following are a few examples of this year’s staff recipients:

Learn more about Michigan Engineering’s 2020 Strategic Vision.

Another new pilot program, this one developed by staff, for staff, will be rolling out in spring of 2019. By providing opportunities and incentives to collaborate across units and departments, the goal is to engage and cultivate the full potential of staff expertise and ideas – activating the full potential of Michigan Engineering through creativity, innovation and daring.

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