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Engineering students bring education to disadvantaged children in Ecuador

Sam Tenka traveled to Ecuador with the Honors GO team to aid the Street Children Work project.|Short Read
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Two students earn scholarships to pursue work in sustainable energy

Two electrical engineering students, Paul Giessner and Noah Mitchell-Ward, were awarded scholarships from the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG) to support their education in wind and solar power. |Medium Read
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Ryan Kitson wins AIAA Best Student Paper

Aerospace Engineering doctoral student Ryan Kitson was awarded the AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Student Paper at the 2017 AIAA Aviation Forum in Denver, Colorado. |Short Read

U-M Aero team receives top 20 ranking

The team, led by Aerospace Engineering post-doctoral researcher Ehsan Taheri, ranked well in the European Space Agency's 9th Global Trajectory Optimization Competition.|Medium Read

Gabe Draughon: Humanitarian with a big heart

In the future, Gabe hopes to use his experience at Michigan to make a difference. “I’m going to take these five years and see where I’ll have the most impact. Whether as a professor, a researcher, or a nonprofit owner,” he says.|Medium Read

Erik Anderson II: Future engineering Jedi

“I don’t see many people that look like me in the field of environmental engineering. It made me want to do stuff like that,” Erik says. “I want to help show other people of color that we can do this too.”|Short Read
Portrait of Sara Bashir.

Sara Bashir: Passionate about inventing

Rising freshman Sara Bashir is an inventor. Since the age of eight, she has kept a running sketchbook of project ideas, and is always finding new ways to innovate.|Medium Read
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Lee Rutledge: Mapping the world

Lee Rutledge, CSE graduate student, is working at U-M’s autonomous robotics lab this fall to help AI agents map and navigate their surroundings on the fly.|Medium Read
Portrait of Kaelan Oldani.

Kaelan Oldani: Shooting for the stars

Kaelan Oldani, AERO undergraduate, grew up aspiring to become an astronaut, encouraged by a large family of engineers that have helped her discover a love of engineering at school.|Short Read
Portrait of Nathan Gupta. Photo: Courtesy of Nathan

Nathan Gupta: Ambitious and thankful

Nathan Gupta, EECS undergraduate, credits his teachers with inspiring his interest in biotechnology and education.|Short Read