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In the news: Michigan Engineering experts October 4-8

Highlights include Bloomberg Business.

In The News

Route Fifty

October 1

‘God’s will Is being thwarted.’ Even in solid republican counties, hard-liners seek more partisan control of elections

Alex Halderman explains that Texas’ new law may push marginalized voters out of the democratic process. Halderman is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science.


October 4

University of Michigan receives $1.7M in federal funds to develop new powered exoskeleton

Robert Gregg’s modular exoskeleton design if featured in WDIV. Gregg is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Bloomberg Business

October 7

Ford gives Michigan a ‘wake-up call’ with out-of-state EV expansion

Greg Keoleian says that some of the State’s policy may be what’s pushing automakers out of Michigan. Keoleian Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Peter M. Wege Endowed Professor of Sustainable Systems

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