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In the news: Michigan Engineering experts September 6-10

Highlights include Wired and the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times

September 3

Security of some ballot-marking devices could be vulnerable in California recall, researchers say

Alex Halderman’s work explains that Dominion voting machines have security vulnerabilities that could be exploited during a voting system with little likelihood of detection. Halderman is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

New York Times

September 7

Coronavirus briefing: What happened today

Michael Atzmon told the New York Times that the wave of new COVID cases as the fall semester begins feels like a “repeat” of last year despite vaccines. Atzmon is a professor of nuclear and radiological sciences and a professor of materials science and engineering.


September 7

Rising waters: Lighthouse keepers fight to preserve history in the face of climate change

Richard Rood explains that the increased precipitation in the Great Lakes region will likely continue due to climate change. Rood is a professor of climate and space sciences and engineering.


September 7

Why Tesla is designing chips to train its self-driving tech

Huei Peng says Telsa’s recently revealed custom AI called D1 could be sold to other automakers if successful. Peng is the director of Mcity and is a the Roger L. McCarthy Professor of Mechanical Engineering.


september 9

U.S. Civil Engineers Bent the Rules to Give New Orleans Extra Protection from Hurricanes. Those Adjustments Might Have Saved the City During Ida

Jeremy Bricker tells TIME that as climate change continues to cause sea level rise, the odds of having floods and other extreme weather occurrences will go up. Bricker is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

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