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Elevate Humanity

Engineering has always enabled the next “big thing” but it has also unintentionally expanded societal gaps in wealth, power, and privilege. At Michigan, we know closing these gaps is more than an obligation; it’s an opportunity to reevaluate established assumptions, and reimagine what engineering can be.

Our people-first approach combines excellent engineering fundamentals, a convergence of disciplines, global worldviews and equity-centered values to help close societal gaps and elevate all people.

It’s who we are, and who we aspire to be.

Explore ten snapshots of how our engineers are working across disciplines and worldviews to improve the systems that impact quality of life.  

U-M’s new Electric Vehicle Center is helping the Midwest’s powerful automotive workforce gear up to enable our EV future. 

U-M engineers lead advances in fusion research that could one day provide humans with abundant, clean, carbon-free energy.

U-M led Science and Technology Center will bring nature’s efficiency and flexibility to advanced materials and additive manufacturing.

An FDA-approved treatment developed by U-M uses ultrasound waves to destroy liver tumors with few, if any, side effects.

We’ve developed software to enable an experiential learning ecosystem that matches student interests with teams and organizations.

Helping small-town America adapt in the face of climate change, applying people-first engineering to tackle societal problems.

The NextProf future faculty program seeks to diversify the next generation of academic leaders.

New robotics program to meet demand from industry and students—and define a people-first discipline.

A convergent approach to ensure the EV revolution is accessible and equitable for all.

Working with doctors to pioneer a major advance to help improve quality of life for amputees.

Strategic Vision

Engineers play a key role in solving society’s greatest challenges. Our strategic plan anticipates the global, technological and educational changes ahead – positioning our institution to lead the evolution of 21st-century engineering. It’s supported by a people-first framework and brought to life through our three pillars of excellence: research, education and culture.

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