Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Lauren Nagel awarded Fellowship from the IAEA

The NERS PhD student received an inaugural Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.|Medium Read

Teaching thermal-hydraulics for nuclear systems during COVID-19

How NERS Professor Annalisa Manera transitioned NERS444 online to rave reviews from her students.|Medium Read
water infrastructure

Podcast: Remaking water infrastructure

In S1E2, harnessing waterborne microbes for data and health.|Long Read
carbon negative

Podcast: Carbon negative, dollar positive

In S1E3, mining CO2 from the air and recycling it into useful products.|Long Read

Podcast: ‘Nanobiotics’ to fight superbugs

In S1E4, a new way to design antibiotics could be a beeline to better options.|Long Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

In Memoriam: Geza L. Gyorey

The former associate professor of nuclear engineering passed away on May 28, 2020. |Short Read
red orb flying at a golden lattice plane that has an array of colorful orbs

NERS researchers aim to understand the behavior of high entropy alloys under extreme conditions

The research is part of a greater project to find an optimized radiation-tolerant material.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Antineutrino detectors as nuclear security tools for monitoring reactors from a distance

NERS Ph.D. student Felicia Sutanto’s antineutrino detector research published in Physical Review C|Short Read
North Campus in the spring. Photo: Joseph Xu

Prioritizing diversity to benefit the field of engineering

It’s part of our job.|Medium Read

Myth 6: It is not engineering’s problem when communities are left behind

In the final myth of the series, we discuss how good ideas and creative people aren't always met with equal access to education and resources.|Medium Read
MEZ students

Myth 4: Women and minorities aren’t as interested in or good at engineering

In myth four, we explain how diverse groups can produce more ethical products and more inclusive design – and uncover missed opportunities.|Medium Read
four panelists

Myth 5: Women and minorities aren’t as good at leadership

In myth five, we unpack how a rich range of experiences can elevate organizations and lead to better performance.|Medium Read