Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS Graduates win major awards

Janelle Wharry and Matt Gomez receive early career awards|Short Read
Portrait of Todd Allen

NERS Chair Todd Allen talks on two podcasts regarding Chernobyl and nuclear energy

|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Summer School on Clean Energy in China

|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS Ph.D. student Sunming Qin awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship 2019-2020 and Eleanor Towner Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement

As a fourth year Ph.D. student in NERS department, Sunming is working in Professor Annalisa Manera's group. His research focuses on high-resolution experiments and computations on mixing of turbulent buoyant jets in uniform and stratified environments|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS students receive DOE and NSF fellowships

Several NERS students received multiple highly competitive graduate fellowships |Short Read

University of Michigan launches Fastest Path to Zero climate initiative

The mission of the Fastest Path to Zero Initiative is to identify, innovate, and pursue the fastest path to zero emissions by optimizing clean energy deployment.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS retains #1 in US News ranking

The Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences graduate program has retained the top spot in the US News and World Report rankings. |Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Titans of Nuclear interviews NERS faculty

Titans of Nuclear, a podcast featuring interviews with experts on nuclear energy, has interviews available with NERS professors James Duderstadt, Zhong He, Sara Pozzi and Alec Thomas|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Major research initiatives fuel national discussions

Three major initiatives led by NERS faculty are shaping the future of nuclear energy, including safety, security and treaty verification.|Short Read
photo of Associate Professor Alec Thomas

Professor Alec Thomas wins Research Accelerator Award

NERS Associate Professor Alec Thomas has won a Research Accelerator Award for his team’s proposal to construct a high-repetition-rate X-ray beamline, using U-M’s HERCULES laser, for transformative manufacturing applications across engineering, medicine, homeland security and science.|Short Read
photo of Professor John Foster

Professor John Foster pens most-highly cited paper

Professor John Foster’s article, “Plasma-based water purification: Challenges and prospects for the future,” was the most highly cited paper published in 2017 in the journal Physics of Plasmas. |Short Read
Portrait of Sara Pozzi

Professor Pozzi named DEI director

Professor Sara A. Pozzi has been appointed director of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for the College of Engineering.|Short Read