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Look back

Updates on five feature articles from past issues of the Michigan Engineer magazine.

The Michigan Engineer runs new stories in every issue. But the stories continue after we go to print. So we did some digging on a few of them—here’s what we learned.

Moving out

A look at how flooding in Jakarta has changed since our 2016 feature, and where Michigan Engineering alum Frank Sedlar is now. Read story.

Focused ambitions

Much has changed in the world of artificial intelligence since Michigan Engineer covered it in 2015. We unpack how the focus around AI has shifted and how it will continue to expand into everyday life. Read story.

New sensation

In 2019, the Michigan Engineer shared an inside look at how a convergent team of researchers was able to give amputees reliable, intuitive control of advanced robotic hands using only their thoughts. In our update, researchers explain how they’re able to give users’ the ability to ‘feel’ what they’re touching. Read story.


A person pouring urine-based fertilizer. They are wearing gloves.

The team shares how technology and social attitudes have evolved since the Michigan Engineer’s 2015 feature on urine-derived fertilizers for food crops. Read story.

Bittersweet business

It’s been eight years since Corinne Joachim-Sanon left her engineering job in the U.S. to found Askanya Chocolates in her late grandparents’ former home in northeastern Haiti. From political crisis to a global pandemic, there’s been no shortage of challenges to overcome. Read story.

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