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Five electrical and computer engineering professors named IEEE Fellows

Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in IEEE fields are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.

Heath Hofmann: For his impact in the areas of electric machinery and drive systems

Professor Heath Hofmann has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, class of 2022.Hofmann’s control technology was implemented in the original Tesla Roadster, an all-electric vehicle, and in a control algorithm used by the company Pentadyne (now PowerThru).

His research focuses on the area of power electronic and electromechanical systems. Specific research interests include adaptive parameter estimation for electric machines and electrochemical batteries, high-performance magnet-free machine designs, and computationally-efficient modelling techniques.

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Zetian Mi: For his pioneering contributions to III-nitride photonics and clean energy

Prof. Zetian Mi has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, class of 2022. Mi is a pioneer in III-nitride photonics, with practical applications in alternative energy sources, water and air purification and disinfection, as well as virtual/augmented reality. 

Broadly speaking, his research is focused on the investigation of semiconductor nanostructures and their application in photonic, electronic, quantum, and clean energy devices and systems.

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Peter Seiler: For his impactful contributions to robust control theory

Professor Peter Seiler has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, class of 2022, “For contributions to robust control theory and computational tools.”

Seiler’s impact in the area of control systems has been felt by practicing engineers around the world. He works in the area of robust control theory, which focuses on the impact of model uncertainty on systems design. He is currently developing theoretical and numerical algorithms to assess the robustness of systems on finite time horizons. He is also investigating the use of robust control techniques to better understand optimization algorithms and model-free reinforcement learning methods. Key applications of his research have included wind energy, safety critical systems, and aeroservoelasticity in aircraft.

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Lei Ying: For fundamental research in cloud computing systems and wireless networks

Professor Lei Ying has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, class of 2022, “For contributions to resource allocation in cloud computing systems and wireless networks.”

Ying has made fundamental contributions to the modeling, design, and analysis of algorithms for big-data systems. His research is focused on the interplay of complex stochastic systems and big data, including private data marketplaces, large-scale communication and computing systems for big-data processing, large-scale graph mining, and reinforcement learning. Applications include safe and efficient reinforcement learning for AI applications; combating fake news in social networks; and designing private data marketplaces for big-data analytics.

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Euisik Yoon: For groundbreaking research in Bio-MEMS

Professor Euisik Yoon has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, class of 2022, “For contributions to bio-microelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS) technologies for opto-electrical neural interfaces and microfluidic biochips.”

Yoon has done pioneering research in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for over 30 years. His group focuses on creating self-contained microsystems that combine and process natural signals (such as bio, chemical, optical and thermal signals) as well as electrical signals on a single chip platform by integrating new MEMS/nano structures with low-power, wireless VLSI circuits and systems.

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