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Sara Pozzi featured in nuclear nonproliferation podcast

Listen to Sara Pozzi and colleagues at Oregon State discuss nuclear nonproliferation today and technologies on the horizon.| Short Read
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IMAGE:  Sara Pozzi, Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences and Consortium Director of the Consortium for Verification Technology, runs a sample through a plutonium and uranium detector in the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory. Photo: Joseph Xu

Oregon State University’s “Engineering Out Loud” podcast tackles nuclear nonproliferation, discussing work funded through the $25 million Consortium for Verification Technology. Sara Pozzi, a professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences and leader of that consortium, was interviewed about methods and technologies used to make sure that nuclear material earmarked for energy isn’t going missing, the global network that can identify secret nuclear tests and the role of universities in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Listen to the podcast here: Engineering Out Loud S5, E6: Partnering for Nuclear Nonproliferation

Professor points to computer screen
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  • Sara Pozzi

    Sara Pozzi

    Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

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