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The national champions of baja

The University of Michigan Baja Racing team finished the 2015 season as the North American champions. Out of a series of three regional competitions, their souped-up off-road vehicle claimed first, second and first.|Medium Read

Eta Kappa Nu awards Professors of the Year at St. George’s Day Feast

Prof. David Wentzloff, Associate Professor in ECE, and David Paoletti, lecturer in CSE, were chosen based on student input. Congratulations!|Short Read
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U-M Supermileage team goes to 2015 Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit

In a torpedo-shaped one-seater powered by a lawnmower engine, a team of University of Michigan students is aiming for a fuel economy of thousands of miles to the gallon. Next month, the U-M Supermileage Team will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon, held for the first time in Detroit.|Short Read
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ECE students earn CoE Distinguished Leadership Awards

Cheng Zhang and Elizabeth Dreyer are both Ph.D. students in electrical engineering, and Lauren Bilbo is an undergraduate senior majoring in electrical engineering.|Short Read
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2014-15 Undergraduate Student Awards

Students, parents, and faculty gathered to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities.|Medium Read
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HKN students crowned Mr. and Ms. Engineer at the the Engineering Games

The competition raised over $2,000 for the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program.|Short Read
Solar car racing on a road.

U-M solar car team wins Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge

The team, composed of U-M alumni and students, partnered with students from the University of Abu Dhabi to race their championship car, Quantum, against 15 teams from six continents.|Short Read
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Hundreds of hackers converge on campus for semi-annual hackathon

At the nation's premier collegiate hackathon this weekend, more than 1,100 students from dozens of universities will spend 36 hours making apps, sites and devices.|Short Read

Student Spotlight: Nick Asendorf – Matrix Musician

Nick specializes in the area of machine learning and statistical signal processing.|Short Read
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Student Spotlight: Nicholas Clift – 2014 Graduate Student of the Year

He is a founding member of Own It, and is dedicated to cultivating an engineering community that feels an inherent responsibility to live ethically.|Short Read
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EECS students attend National NSBE Convention – Come back psyched

The Convention offers leadership development, internship opportunities, networking activities, and professional workshops.|Short Read
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SWE Hosts G.R.E.A.T. Day for Girls

G.R.E.A.T. Day is designed to open up young girls' minds to the possibility of engineering as a career path.|Short Read