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Dr. Ben Jorns joins Aerospace Department faculty

We welcome Dr. Ben Jorns to the Aerospace Department faculty as an Assistant Professor. |Medium Read
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Michigan alum Evan Hilgemann develops innovative space exploration technology for NASA

Aerospace Engineering alum Evan Hilgemann (MSAE ’15) is developing innovative technologies for small satellite and exoplanet observation for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.|Medium Read
Visualization of a CYGNSS satellite

Hurricane tracking satellites successfully launched

NASA has successfully launched a constellation of eight hurricane-tracking microsatellites in a $151 million mission that’s led by the University of Michigan.|Medium Read
kamal sarabandi

Kamal Sarabandi elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The AAAS seeks to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.|Short Read
A model of the activity in the magnetosphere of a planet when there is a solar storm. Model: University of Michigan

Solar storms: Regional forecasts now possible

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Rice University have developed a new tool to help forecast solar storms and their effects on the power grid and communication satellites.|Medium Read
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Students receive prizes for simulating the best landing of a rocket booster

The goal of the class project was to control the safe landing of a rocket booster after it disengaged from the portion of the rocket that would continue into Space.|Short Read

Ariel Sandberg is honored with a 2016 Twenty20s Award

Aerospace Engineering sophomore Ariel Sandberg has been selected as one of Aviation Week's Twenty20s for 2016.|Short Read
student checks on the X3 thruster after a test run

Michigan design selected for NASA’s NextSTEP toward a crewed Mars mission

The spacecraft engine that will help take humans to Mars may be based on a University of Michigan prototype.|Medium Read
prof ozay

Necmiye Ozay receives CAREER award for research in cyber-physical systems

Cyber-physical systems are smart, networked systems with embedded sensors, processors, and actuators that are designed to interact with the physical world.|Short Read
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Student team takes 3rd place in international satellite design competition

The University of Michigan chapter of SEDS, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, recently placed third in an international competition to design a satellite network around Mars.|Medium Read
Astronaut floating around in space.

Experiencing the future of NASA

Standing on the floor of NASA’s infamous Vehicle Assembly Building, however – the same floor where Apollo Saturn Vs and Shuttle rockets were assembled – I was struck not by worry, but by awe. |Medium Read
Chewbacca in costume interviews Professor Jessy Grizzle.

Star Wars tech: How far are we? Chewie gets answers

Chewie talks to experts about spacecraft thrusters, light sabers, droids, carbonite and holograms. |Medium Read