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Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

CASL: Universities and industry collaborate

The Consortium for Light Water Reactors brings university research and industry together for nuclear power safety.|Medium Read
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Understanding concussions: Testing head-impact sensors

This U-M experiment won’t immediately address the question of why some exhibit symptoms down the road and others don’t, but the researchers are laying groundwork for finding the answer.|Medium Read
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New lab brings the latest in thermal hydraulics research to U-M

Associate Professor Annalisa Manera was able to take her background in both experiential and computational research to develop a lab that will investigate the phenomenon of operations and safety in reactors.|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lab Safety: don’t let this happen to you!

The ECE Safety Committee is committed to keeping students safe.|Short Read
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Jae Young Park receives Best Student Paper Award for research impacting structural health monitoring

SHM systems are critical for monitoring aging structures and infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

An international experience in nuclear safeguards

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences graduate students went to Ispra, Italy to learn about international nuclear safeguards.|Short Read
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Safer medical imaging with microwaves

The goal of the research is to develop an alternative method to x-ray imaging that is safer and uses nothing stronger than radio frequency waves.|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Eric Dattoli named National Academies Research Associate

The aim of Dattoli's research is to improve and broaden the understanding of nanowire gas sensing behavior. |Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sensing Sensors: NSF funding new ways to monitor infrastructure for safety

The program aims to develop revolutionary wireless sensor node, optimized for infrastructure monitoring.|
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dennis Schweiger receives College of Engineering Staff Excellence Award

Schweiger is sought after by students, faculty, and administrators for his expertise, which is always offered in a friendly and comfortable manner.|Short Read
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Smart bridges under development with new grant

The monitoring system will collect data from surface and penetrating sensors, then wirelessly relay the information to an inspector on site or miles away.|Medium Read