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Harish Sheth with the Setco Foundation.

Harish Sheth: Alum who has made a difference

“Taking all of that into consideration – learning about different cultures, politics, people and leadership – I can say without hesitation that my Michigan Engineering experience has benefitted me in business." - Harish Sheth|Medium Read
Azarius Reda working with his new start-up, Meritful.

Azarias Reda: Founder of

Azarias Reda spent his childhood shooting off rockets made of bamboo and firecrackers. Now he’s launching a new online social networking platform for high school students.|Medium Read
Lionel Pittman working with the National Society of Black Engineers.

Lionel Pittman: Helping tomorrow’s engineers

Lionel Pittman is an overachiever who attributes much of his success to two breaks. Two very bad breaks.|Medium Read
Laura Pillari with the U-M Supermileage team.

Laura Pillari: Going the distance

Laura found her own calling her first year at U-M, when a senator came to speak to her class and listed society’s top ten problems. Number one was an energy crisis, something that clicked with math-proficient Laura and led her to Ann Arbor.|Medium Read
Portrait of Amy Muntner.

Amy Muntner: Alum who has made a difference

Amy Muntner was born to compete. Her willingness to face one challenge after another – as an athlete, student and executive – has repeatedly transformed potential into skill. |Medium Read
Debra George with Doctors without Borders

Debra George: Logistician, world-changer

Debra George compares her experience as a Michigan Engineering student to her time now in Chad Africa, working for Doctors Without Borders.|Medium Read
Portrait of Peter Fan.

Peter Fan: Making a difference

Peter Fan found his way to Michigan through a misunderstanding of the meaning of the "Big 10" conference, but he considers himself blessed to end up here and has not looked back.|Medium Read
Rob Holt and Kari Mellina.

Rob Holt and Kari Mellina: Alums who have made a difference

The brother-sister combo, Rob Holt and Kari Mellina, both hold engineering degrees from the University of Michigan, and they love talking about them.|Short Read
Jamie Cutler and Kiko Dontchev, now old friends, clasping hands.

Kiko Dontchev: Changing the game

Michigan Engineering alum Kiko Dontchev never planned to work on spacecrafts for a living, yet he now works as a power systems engineer at SpaceX, designing and testing lithium ion batteries.|Short Read
Julie Bateman, CEE Alum '12.

Julie Bateman: Inspired change

Although civil engineering grad Julie is planning on entering the work force as a project controls engineer, she’ll always look back on Brazil with a smile and know that she made a difference.|Short Read