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Matthew Nelson looks on as Neville Green answers a question during the organization's annual National Leadership Conference.

Boosting black engineering grads is goal for U-M alum

A conversation with Matthew Nelson, Michigan Engineering alum (BSE IOE'15) and national chair of the National Society of Black Engineers.|Short Read
Gilchrist with a poster

Garlin Gilchrist II: Innovation for the People

Garlin Gilchrist II set out on a lifelong mission to bring engineering solutions to communities in need.|Medium Read
Portrait of Alec Gallimore

Alec D. Gallimore

Alec D. Gallimore, Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering, Richard F. and Eleanor A. Towner Professor of Engineering, talks about his educational journey.|Medium Read
Sunitha Nagrath

Sunitha Nagrath

Nagrath has used graphene oxide, a material originally developed for semiconductors, to build chips so sensitive they can detect a single cancer cell amid a billion blood cells.|Medium Read
Portrait of Jeremy Bassis.

Jeremy Bassis

Jeremy Bassis, an assistant professor in Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, studies glaciers both past and present to better predict the future of the ice sheets over Greenland and Antarctica – and the implications for humans.|Medium Read
Nicholas A. Kotov

Nicholas Kotov

Engineering professor Nicholas Kotov has been drawn to one scientific field or another for as long as he can remember - biology, chemistry, zoology, geology. And before all that, pyrotechnics.|Medium Read
Portrait of Karthik Duraisamy

Karthik Duraisamy

His analytical nature and penchant for mathematics could have landed him in any number of fields but Duraisamy chose aerospace for the same reason some might look elsewhere--because challenges are more difficult and the stakes are high.|Medium Read
Portrait of Zhong He.

Zhong He

When Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences professor Zhong He and his company, H3D, started selling the Polaris-H radiation detector in 2013, many hailed it as a game-changer for nuclear safety. |Medium Read
Portrait of Christopher Ruf.

Christopher Ruf

Ruf directs the Remote Sensing group at Michigan, building instruments and developing algorithms that give us information about earth’s weather and climate collected from vantage points in space.|Medium Read
Portrait of Sara Pozzi

Sara Pozzi

Sara Pozzi learned about the Manhattan Project in middle school and it sparked a lifelong fascination that has shaped her career.|Medium Read
Joerg Lahann is a Prof of Chemical Engr, Prof of Materials Science and Engr, Prof of Biomedical Engr, Prof of Macromolecular Science and Engr and Director of the Biointerfaces Institute

Joerg Lahann

University of Michigan Biointerfaces Institute director Joerg Lahann knew from a young age that he wanted to be a chemist.|Medium Read
Aerospace Engineering logo

Marc Weiser: On the fast track

In 1991, Marc Weiser put on a pair of track shoes, a simple action that started a series of events leading, in a roundabout way, to his position as managing director of a venture capital firm in 2013.|Medium Read