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A custom walker to help a boy get around the playground

Mechanical engineering students customized a walker for 8-year-old Braden Gandee, who has cerebral palsy.|Short Read
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Lung simulation could improve respiratory treatment

The first computer model that predicts the flow of liquid medication in human lungs is providing new insight into the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome.|Medium Read
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Wearable fluid status sensor could lead to new ‘vital sign’

A wearable sensor being developed at U-M could provide doctors with the first simple, portable, non-invasive way to measure fluid status--the volume of blood that's coursing through a patient's blood vessels at any given time.|Medium Read

Next generation laser plasma accelerator

One of the most promising avenues for achieving new target levels of high peak intensity and high average power in an ultrafast laser system is to turn to fiber lasers.|Medium Read
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New tech could find tiny RNA cancer beacons in blood

Cancerous tumors cast off tiny telltale genetic molecules known as microRNAs and a team of University of Michigan researchers has come up with an efficient way to detect them in blood.|Medium Read
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“Heartbeat on a chip” could improve pharmaceutical tests

A gravity-powered chip that can mimic a human heartbeat outside the body could advance pharmaceutical testing and open new possibilities in cell culture because it can mimic fundamental physical rhythms, according to U-M researchers who developed it.|Medium Read
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Regenerative medicine: Injectable stem cell incubator

Some tissue damage is too extensive for the body to heal well, such as a bad slipped disc or the muscle death that follows a heart attack, so researchers are looking for ways to bridge the gaps.|Medium Read
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What makes cancer cells spread? New device offers clues

Why do some cancer cells break away from a tumor and travel to distant parts of the body? A team of oncologists and engineers from the University of Michigan teamed up to help understand this crucial question.|Medium Read
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Monitoring maternal and children’s health in rural India

A pilot study initiated as part of the MCubed Diamond program is underway to evaluate and track maternal and child health in rural villages of West Bengal.|Short Read

Mobile Friendly – apps to improve life

Technology continues to transform the health care industry, and researchers at the University have utilized mobile apps to expand the impact of their work.|Medium Read
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Brittle bone disease: Drug research in mice offers hope

New research in mice offers evidence that a drug being developed to treat osteoporosis may also be useful for treating osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease, a rare but potentially debilitating bone disorder that is present from birth.|Medium Read
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Ultra-small block M’s lead to big ideas in drug delivery

U-M researchers have created what might be the world’s smallest three-dimensional (unofficial) "block M’s" using a new nanoparticle manufacturing process.|Medium Read