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Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Experiments at the core: Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory undergoes major expansion

Expanded Michigan facility is one of a kind, poised to massively accelerate the pace of radiation effects research.|Medium Read
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Mercury in the air

Michigan engineers have developed a method that works in tandem with electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), reducing the amount of mercury emitted into the air while at the same time not adding a separate process to an already complex power plant system.|Short Read
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Talking trash in Jakarta

CEE graduate student Frank Sedlar has developed a system combining time lapse cameras and computer vision algorithms in order to better understand how the complex urban environment clashes with its powerful natural forces.|Short Read
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Geoengineering report: Scientists urge more research on climate intervention

The world may need to resort to so-called geoengineering approaches that aim to deliberately control the planet’s climate.|Medium Read
kashanianfard and sarabandi

Researchers build groundbreaking device for NASA SMAP mission

The SMAP mission is NASA's most ambitious sensing project yet for measuring global soil moisture levels. |Medium Read
prof peterson, dr farhoo

Prof. Becky Peterson awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award to investigate new materials for power semiconductor devices

Peterson's findings could be used in wireless sensing and actuation systems, including those that deal with monitoring of the environment and medical conditions.|Short Read
Scientists run a demonstration

Liquid biopsy could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment

Sunitha Nagrath and colleagues in engineering and medicine have developed a way to capture and grow the circulating tumor cells that allow cancer to spread.|Medium Read
Debra George with Doctors without Borders

Debra George: Logistician, world-changer

Debra George compares her experience as a Michigan Engineering student to her time now in Chad Africa, working for Doctors Without Borders.|Medium Read
Julie Bateman, CEE Alum '12.

Julie Bateman: Inspired change

Although civil engineering grad Julie is planning on entering the work force as a project controls engineer, she’ll always look back on Brazil with a smile and know that she made a difference.|Short Read

Predicting your risk of illness

Imagine a future when you could predict whether or not you are at risk of becoming sick. |Short Read
diagram of a micro-computer

Making smart dust a reality

This research is expected to have a fundamental and long term impact on a diverse set of applications ranging from energy conservation to health care.|Short Read
Water pouring from the tap.

Finding water fit to drink: technology delivers the best solution

Water technologies have had a lot of obstacles to overcome, despite the fact that 70 percent of the planet is water. |Medium Read