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Researchers David Adrian and Alex Halderman receive Pwnie Award for work on DROWN attack

DROWN allows attackers to break encryption used to protect HTTPS websites and read or steal sensitive communications.|Medium Read
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With over 7 million certificates issued, Let’s Encrypt aims to secure the entire web

In order to bring HTTPS to everyone, Prof. Halderman joined forces in 2012 with colleagues at Mozilla and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to found Let's Encrypt, a non-profit certificate authority with the mission of making the switch to HTTPS vastly easier.|Medium Read
Prof. Zhuoqing Morley Mao

Michigan and Verisign researchers demonstrate new man-in-the-middle WPAD query attack

New security ramifications exist when laptops and smartphones configured for enterprise systems are used outside the enterprise in the realm of the wider web.|Medium Read
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Quadmetrics cyber security

For a variety of reasons companies have not been able to stay ahead of cyber criminals.|Short Read
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Better gender balance goal of latest MHacks hackathon

MHacks: Refactor, v7 of the nationally-renowned U-M hackathon, drew many more women, underrepresented students and first-timers.|Medium Read
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Hundreds of hackers converge on campus for semi-annual hackathon

At the nation's premier collegiate hackathon this weekend, more than 1,100 students from dozens of universities will spend 36 hours making apps, sites and devices.|Short Read
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Smart recycle bin wins record-breaking MHacks event

Bothered by seeing glass bottles and aluminum cans in the trash even when a recycling bin is close by, classmates Zachary Lawrence, Joshua Drubin and Andres Toro arrived at MHacks with an idea for a single-stream receptacle. |Medium Read
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MHacks: Nation’s largest student hackathon

For students at the MHacks hackathon, a lack of sleep only seemed to fuel their creativity and inventiveness.|Medium Read
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Hacker teams from Michigan win recognitions at PennApps Hackathon

Congratulations to the two student teams!|Short Read
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EECS students win 2010 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge with HiJack

The Mobile Apps Challenge was open to university students, faculty and staff and encourages the development of iOS, Android, Windows 7, and web applications.|Medium Read
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Researchers hack into DC voting system test bed, leave fight song signature

Computer science researchers from U-M have successfully hacked into a test bed of a new Internet-based absentee voting system in Washington, D.C.|Medium Read