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ECE welcomes four new faculty for 2013-14 academic year

Welcome Profs Lee, Mathieu, Ozay, and Peterson! |Short Read
prof zhenya zhang

Zhengya Zhang receives Intel Early Career Award

Zhang's research is in the area of low-power and high-performance VLSI circuits and systems.|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Daniel Molzhan will address sustainability challenges as a Dow Fellow

Molzhan's primary concern is responding to society's need for constant and reliable electrical energy.|Short Read

Sensing and software for advanced hybrid car battery systems

In collaboration with Ford and General Electric, (GE) the team is beginning a project that will monitor the thermal and mechanical stresses on battery cells and develop a battery management scheme to reduce those stresses and prolong battery life.|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

A new laser paradigm: An electrically injected polariton laser

"It is no longer a scientific curiosity. It's a real device."|Short Read
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Closing the circle on algae biofuel

Turning algae into a biofuel that can readily replace petroleum looks promising, but one of the big roadblocks to mass-producing the algae is the need for fertilizer.|Medium Read
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Researchers funded to develop a leap forward in Processor Architectures

The project proposes to produce a parallel heterogeneous 3D near-threshold computing system with unprecedented energy efficiency.|Short Read
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Impact of engineers on society: Differentiating practical from merely possible

William Banholzer discusses new technological discoveries and argues that engineers must better explain and differentiate between what is possible and what is practical.|Short Read
Prof. Wentzloff

David Wentzloff receives CAREER Award for research in energy-autonomous systems

His research addresses critical needs in the area of wireless communication for the growing field of ubiquitous, energy-autonomous sensing devices.|Short Read

James McCullagh receives Best Student Paper Award for research to keep bridges safe

McCullagh is working to develop energy harvesting devices and circuits to power wireless sensor nodes which can monitor bridge health.|Medium Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

How crud forms on nuclear fuel

An ambitious project to build a complete, 3D computer model of how nuclear power reactors operate and degrade is only halfway through its first five years, but already the new software is tackling real-world problems.|Medium Read
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Cleaner motorcycle engines: Student startup inspired by growing emissions in Asia

PicoSpray, a compact fuel injection system designed for small engines such as those in motorcycles and mopeds, could cut emissions in half while being up to 70 percent cheaper than existing technologies.|Medium Read