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Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial honors late Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth

The final Annual Gerard M. Faeth Memorial Lecture honored the professional and personal contributions of Arthur B. Modine Professor of Aerospace Engineering Gerard “Jerry” Faeth.|Medium Read

M250 engine to join hardware on-display in FXB atrium

At the AIAA Region III Student Conference on April 1, a new addition to the François Xavier Bagnoud atrium was unveiled: a Rolls-Royce M250 Engine.|Short Read
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Aerospace Professor Iain Boyd’s new book released

James E. Knott Professor Iain Boyd’s new textbook, “Nonequilibrium Gas Dynamics and Molecular Simulation,” has been published.|Short Read
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Aerospace Professor Joaquim Martins to serve as Principal Investigator for Michigan-AFRL partnership

Professor Joaquim Martins will lead development of a computational framework for analyzing aircraft under the Michigan-AFRL Center for Aerospace Vehicle Design collaboration. |Short Read
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US Airways Flight 1549 seven years later

Safety, autonomy, and the human element: toward air and ground vehicles that begin to override our actions to protect us.|Short Read
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Automation algorithms could provide safe landings for disabled aircraft

AE Professor Ella Atkins proposes an adaptive or emergency flight planning architecture that would erase this time delay and enable flights such as Airways 1549 to land safely in crisis situations. |Short Read

Inman draws inspiration from nature for his morphing wing technology

Dr. Daniel Inman, AE Department Chair, is seeking to improve the efficiency of aircraft through avian-inspired morphing wing technology.|Medium Read
A manufactured image of Michigan alumnus Kelly Johnson superimposed over a historical image of a Lockheed P-80 fighter jet.

America’s first fighter jet

It's 1943 -- in the thick of World War II -- and a new German jet fighter is menacing the skies over Europe. Can Clarence "Kelly" Johnson help thwart the Nazi threat?|Short Read
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Michigan student team to compete in Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition

The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) team will be competing in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in Green River, Utah this week, launching their student designed, built and tested rocket to a hopeful 21,000 feet.|Short Read
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Aero alum Flying Tiger

Aero alum Bill Chen MSE ’61 recently co-authored an article entitled: From Railroad Workers to Flying Tigers: A Legacy of Progress -- paying tribute to three Chinese American descendants of railroad workers who became Flying Tigers.|Short Read

Shedding light on new FAA regulations

Ella Atkins, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, explains the new restrictions on unmanned aircraft at universities and how these policies are preventing student and faculty research.|Long Read
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Robert Ormiston presents 35th AHS Nikolsky Honorary Lecture

Dr. Robert Ormiston, retired U.S. Army Aviation Aeromechanics Chief Scientist, presented an honorary lecture on rotorcraft for the Aerospace Engineering Department.|Short Read