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air traffic control tower

Decentralized air traffic control for drone-laden skies

Autonomous control laws enable crash-free flights.|Medium Read
Drone flying at night in the M-Air facility

M-Air autonomous aerial vehicle outdoor lab opens

Michigan Engineering now hosts advanced robotics facilities for land, air, sea, and space.|Medium Read
Professor works on small aircraft

The X-HALE: A high altitude long endurance aircraft

The X-HALE’s flexibility and wing length could change the future of commercial flight.|Short Read
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UM Aero alum Sandro Salgueiro drives innovation as member of Airbus’s Team X

Michigan Aerospace alum Sandro Salgueiro (BSAE ’15) is helping to drive some of aviation’s most innovative projects as a member of Airbus’s Team X. |Medium Read

Lockheed Martin sponsors MACH student team

In October, Lockheed Martin gifted a donation of $15,000 to the MACH (Michigan AIAA-DBF Chapter) student team.|Short Read
Aerospace Engineering Professor Iain Boyd

Professor Iain Boyd elected to Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society

Congratulations to James E. Knott Professor Iain Boyd for his election to the Royal Aeronautical Society as a Fellow! |Short Read
Aerospace Engineering Professor Iain Boyd

Professor Iain Boyd receives USAF Chief of Staff Award for Exceptional Public Service

Congratulations to Professor Iain Boyd for receiving the US Air Force Chief of Staff Award for Exceptional Public Service, the highest non-military award given by the leading four-star general of the United States Air Force. |Short Read
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General Atomics sponsors M-Fly student team

On October 13, General Atomics gifted a donation of $3000 to the M-Fly student team. |Short Read

Professor James Driscoll receives AIAA Best Paper Award for combustion research

Congratulations to Professor James Driscoll for receiving the AIAA Best Paper Award from the Propellants and Combustion Technical Committee! |Medium Read

Outdoor drone complex planned

When M-Air opens, Michigan Engineering will earn the distinction of hosting advanced robotics testing facilities for air, sea and land. |Medium Read

Bend it like Airbus

New $8.25M Airbus center at Michigan for high efficiency aircraft with flexible wings|Medium Read
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Aero Throwback: Better ways to get to a football game

The early days of Michigan's flying clubs are full of adventure, mishaps and tenacity.|Medium Read