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Eyeing Nuclear Non-Proliferation

NERS researchers are working towards the next step of treaty-compliance monitoring of nuclear weapons.|
A photograph of a researcher holding vials.

Photo-Acoustic Visualization

Researchers are now able to visualize tumors better by using photo-acoustic imaging. |
Cyclist rides by the Energy Institute Building

Cycle of Energy

A cyclist rides past the Energy Institute on his way home as the sun sets on North Campus and others head home as well.|
A photograph of researchers working on an underwater camera.

Fishing for Gobi’s

A new neural network camera could help battle an invasive species in the Great Lakes and beyond. |
A photograph of a student using a virtual reality engine.

Augment Your Own Reality

You can now augment the reality you live in with a state of the art augmented reality engine that’s available for students and faculty to understand principles and concepts on deeper levels. |
A photograph of the front of Novum, the Michigan Solar Car, with its upper surface being held up by teammembers.

Michigan’s “New Thing”

The new solar car on campus, Novum, sports a radical new design.|
A photograph of a child watching his mini submarine float.

Xploring The Deep

The joy of engineering is brought to alumni and their children each year at the annual Xplore Engineering program, involving multiple workshops introducing the next generation of engineers to the challenges and accomplishments of engineering.|
A photograph of EECS Researcher Moussa N’Gom demonstrating use of a laser to focus light through a platelet of yogurt.

Focusing on Breast Cancer

EECS researchers are able to control the focus of lasers to build new systems that may make future breast cancer mammogram procedures less painful. |
A photograph of a researcher blowing on a film of nanopillars to reveal them.

Counterfeit Breathalyzer

No longer will we question the authenticity of the currency, documents, and medicines with a new counterfeit breathalyzer developed by the Kotov research group. |
A photo of Minh Tuan Trinh, EECS Research Scientist, utilizing a light-conversion apparatus in the ERB II building on North Campus.

Let There Be Light

EECS researchers are able to harness light to create energy because of a recent discovery that has overturned a century-old tenant of physics. |
A photograph of Tao Wei, ChE PhD Student, synthesizing proteins in the lab.

Enter The Polymer Dojo

Welcome to ChE Assistant Professor Timothy Scott's Polymer Dojo, where research "disciples" focus on polymer synthesis and fabrication.|
A photograph of students testing their Mars rover vehicle on the volleyball court of the Eda U. Gerstacker Grove

Rove in the Grove

With a new volleyball court comes a new testing ground for these engineers using the Eda U. Gerstacker Grove to prepare for a competition.|