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A photograph of a graduate student collecting a water sample.

A2 Water Treatment Plant

Researchers in the CEE Department are collaborating with the city of Ann Arbor to test these water filters that they are engineering. |
A photograph of professor bending a piece of concrete.

Bendable Concrete

U-M researchers are working on a using carbon in the materials that build our infrastructure. |
A photograph of graduate student in lab running a laser deposition system.

Laser Deposition

U-M engineers are helping maintain the nation’s standing as a military super power with a new metallic alloy. |
A photograph of Braden Gandee receiving an installation onto his wheelchair.


U-M engineers give Braden Gandee, 12, the ability to play soccer with his peers and brother with an addition to his wheelchair. |
A photograph of E. Liberty St. in Ann Arbor, MI filled with books.


E. Liberty St. in Ann Arbor gets filled with books by an exhibit hosted by the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. Photo: Evan Dougherty//Michigan Engineering, Communications & Marketing|
A photograph of a researcher measuring methane gas emissions.

Landfill Drones

A group of U-M researchers are engineering new techniques to monitor methane gas emissions. |
A photograph of an autonomous vehicle.


The next generation of autonomous surface vessel starts here in the early morning at Strawberry Lake in Pinckney, MI with the Michigan RobotX team.|
An overhead photograph of two graduate students wearing baseball caps and safety vests as they stand on a concrete ledge next to a body of water and install a metal stand for a stormwater sensor.

Stormwater Sensors

A more intelligent water infrastructure requires the installation of stormwater sensors, like this one in White Lake, MI.|
An autonomous vehicle outside on a sunny day

Trusted and Resilient Mission Operation

With the next generation of autonomous vehicles comes security concerns about the control of such vehicles. U-M researchers are working to combat the problem before the vehicles hit the streets. |
A photograph of a student picking grape tomatoes.

Grape Tomatoes

Carly Sharp, CEE BSE Student, helps harvest grape tomatoes on a campus farm that aims to help feed the campus in collaboration with MDining.|
A photograph of the inside of a plasma thruster.

Plasma Thruster

The future meets the present with a plasma thruster that will one day help us reach Mars, designed by the PEPL research group at the University of Michigan - College of Engineering.|
A photograph of students gathering on the Eda U. Gerstacker Grove.


A rare double rainbow marks an auspicious beginning for the newest undergrads and members of the #umichengin22 class. |