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A photograph of dancers performing physics principles.

KV Street 2

Engineering meets dance and performance in this physics-constrained improvisation performance orchestrated in part by a Mechanical Engineering Professor. |
Overhead of students' hands in the sandbox

CEE Sandtrap

Future Michigan Engineers got to see how systems collide with each other during the annual Discover Engineering summer camp.|
Members of the the Center for Socially Engaged Design (C-SED) work with building blocks


Collaboration meets design meets social engagement with the Center for Socially Engaged Design. |
A photograph of students working on the University of Michigan Solar Car in the Wilson Student Team Project Center.

Solar Car

The University of Michigan Solar Car team has officially unveilved its new car for the 2019 World Solar Challenge -- Electrum. |
A photograph of a graduate student running an experiment in a lab.

Buoyant Jets

Michigan Engineers are studying different stratified environments to understand the physics behind their work more deeply.|


Can you walk on a fluid? This young future engineer discovers he can. |
A photograph of a post-doc in the laboratory.


A new understanding of magnetic transitions in semiconductors could help bring us into the age of quantum computers more rapidly. |
A photograph of biomedical engineering researchers playing basketball.

BME Basketball

The bond between your cohorts outside of the lab fuels the research that you do inside the lab, as this group of researchers learns from their weekly basketball games. |
A photograph of a bionic leg being tested in lab.

Baja Drone

The start of summer doesn’t mean the end of work for students on project teams, like the Michigan Baja Racing team that is practicing and competing for most of the summer.|
A photograph of a bionic leg being tested in lab.

Bionic Leg

An open-source robotic leg platform designed by Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Elliott Rouse has the potential to further the field and help more people.|
A photograph of children in wheelchairs playing an augmented reality game.

ACE Competition

An obstacle course is tough enough for the average human, but when you have an exoskeleton on you like this Michigan Engineer, it reaches a new level. |
A photograph of children in wheelchairs playing an augmented reality game.

Hospital Sensors

Civil and Environmental Engineering researchers are collaborating to study energy usage and the stresses it causes on the body in a variety of environments, including the hospital. |