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Autonomous Parking

A photograph of a graduate student working on a laptop.

Qi Luo, IOE PhD Student and member of IOE Professor Romesh Saigal's research group, runs an experiment for a parking guidance testing system in a parking lot on the North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. Saigal's research group has designed a parking guidance system that enables cars equipped with radar sensors to detect empty parking spaces. By doing so, the technology will aid in future driverless car technology by gaining further data that integrates into a driverless system. While Luo or another driver drives around the parking lot under a timed route, software gathers and analyzes whether or not the system is able to detect an empty space and what factors aid or inhibit this system. Here Luo analyzes the data gathered from a test run. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing