Person shows urine-diverting toilet to three members of the media.

Michigan Engineering communications staff can help connect journalists to researchers and students in the College’s 11 departments. We can also provide high-quality photos and video, and access to the university’s broadcast studio.

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Media Contacts

Nicole Casal Moore
Media Relations & Research News Director
(734) 647-7087
Coverage areas: Faculty Experts, Facilities, College-Wide Initiatives

Kate McAlpine
Assistant News Editor and Writer
(734) 763-4386
Coverage areas: Aerospace Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Gabe Cherry
Assistant Magazine Editor and Writer
(734) 763-2937
Coverage areas: Computer Science and Engineering; Industrial and Operations Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

James Lynch
Research News & Feature Writer
(734) 763-1652
Coverage areas: Biomedical Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

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Broadcast Studio

The Michigan News studio has satellite uplink capabilities.

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Michigan Engineering is home to 11 top-ranked departments. Its research budget is one of the largest of any public university. College faculty provide scientific and technological leadership to the world, advancing the frontiers of fields as diverse as data and computing, robotics, advanced materials, energy and sustainability, health, and security. They are involved in spacecraft missions across the solar system, and they’re working to transform mobility. An alumni base of 80,000 Michigan Engineers spans the globe.

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