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Azarius Reda working with his new start-up, Meritful.

Azarias Reda: Founder of

Azarias Reda spent his childhood shooting off rockets made of bamboo and firecrackers. Now he’s launching a new online social networking platform for high school students.|Medium Read
Lionel Pittman working with the National Society of Black Engineers.

Lionel Pittman: Helping tomorrow’s engineers

Lionel Pittman is an overachiever who attributes much of his success to two breaks. Two very bad breaks.|Medium Read
Laura Pillari with the U-M Supermileage team.

Laura Pillari: Going the distance

Laura found her own calling her first year at U-M, when a senator came to speak to her class and listed society’s top ten problems. Number one was an energy crisis, something that clicked with math-proficient Laura and led her to Ann Arbor.|Medium Read
Debra George with Doctors without Borders

Debra George: Logistician, world-changer

Debra George compares her experience as a Michigan Engineering student to her time now in Chad Africa, working for Doctors Without Borders.|Medium Read
Portrait of Peter Fan.

Peter Fan: Making a difference

Peter Fan found his way to Michigan through a misunderstanding of the meaning of the "Big 10" conference, but he considers himself blessed to end up here and has not looked back.|Medium Read
Rob Holt and Kari Mellina.

Rob Holt and Kari Mellina: Alums who have made a difference

The brother-sister combo, Rob Holt and Kari Mellina, both hold engineering degrees from the University of Michigan, and they love talking about them.|Short Read

Peering Into the Black Box of Tuberculosis

Computer modeling reveals the immune system's battleground.|Long Read
Graphic of drones in a dark sky


Through the air, in the sea and on land (even space) the drones are here so you'd better get used to it.|Long Read
helicopter wings inspired by oak tree seeds


Nature has inspired engineers to mimic many of its designs and develop spectacular technologies of their own.|Long Read
photo of a house destroyed by a tornado

A Season of Twisters

Looking like a contender for the top three most deadly U.S. tornado seasons, 2012 is already cutting a swath of destruction from Texas to Michigan.|Long Read
Person leaning over an outdoor water basin splashing water on his face in the dark.

Dread Down Under

The biggest and best solar car team's goal is to win World Solar Challenge, a five day race across the Australian outback.|Long Read
Steel beam graphic in front of a blue background

Stubborn Structures

Earthquake-resistant structures are on designers' drawing boards and getting better all the time; explore the world of earthquake engineering.|Long Read