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George Haley

George Haley describes himself as a simple man and in his own words he's used to the finer things in life. “Theresa, food, wine, work – you name it, I’ve been lucky. You can put Michigan Engineering on that list; I wouldn’t be here without it.”|Medium Read
Portrait of Howard and Beverly Sachar.

Howard and Beverly Sachar: Alum who has made a difference

You walk into a room and find a band (ragtime piano, guitar, violin, clarinet), an inventor, entrepreneur, executive, photographer, wine aficionado, husband, father and grandfather. How many people are in the room, other than you? Answer: one… Howard Sachar|Medium Read
Picture of Scott Kliger.

Scott Kliger: From paperboy to businessman

Good football and good food have a special place in Kliger’s memory, but it was the classroom that set the stage for his later success.|Medium Read
Aaron (MSE '00) and Michelle (MBA '99) Crumm.

Aaron and Michelle Crumm: Alums who have made a difference

Aaron (MSE '00) and Michelle (MBA '99) Crumm together form the powerhouse that created Adaptive Materials (AMI), a small company that’s attracted DARPA, the U.S Marines, the Air Force and a worldwide electronics conglomerate.|Medium Read
Brad Buecker, ME alum '94.

Brad Buecker: The gleeful alum

Brad Buecker, ME alum '94, finds that his engineering experience along with his passion for story telling make for a perfect combination for him to be successful in Hollywood.|Short Read
Portrait of Anne Voshel.

Anne Voshel: Alum who has made a difference

Anne Voshel (BSE CE ’77) walked out of Michigan Engineering in a pair of sandals during the hippie era, landed a hot job, dazzled employers wherever she went, eventually became COO and National Marketing Director of a global real-estate services firm...and then walked away from it all.|Medium Read
Eric Gustafson working at JPL.

Eric Gustafson: Exploring distant worlds

Just two years after earning his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at U-M, Eric Gustafson helped steer the Mars rover Curiosity to its landing site in the Gale Crater.|Short Read

Kickstarting Cubesats Into Deep Space

Two Michigan Engineering professors are forging new ground, turning to the Kickstarter online community to help fund an interplanetary satellite mission. |Long Read

Jason Kramb: Achieving the impossible

If being an engineer means dreaming big and taking on challenges, then consider Jason Kramb the epitome of an engineer.|Medium Read
Red barn on a snowy farm, with a fracking well in the distance.


The techniques of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and horizontal drilling have come together over the past decade to change the American energy landscape. Now more and more researchers are looking into the potential risks hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and horizontal drilling could pose to the environment and human health.|Long Read

Squashing Superbugs

Michigan engineers are exploring approaches that can prevent bacteria from gaining a foothold or help antibiotics work more effectively.|Long Read
Harish Sheth with the Setco Foundation.

Harish Sheth: Alum who has made a difference

“Taking all of that into consideration – learning about different cultures, politics, people and leadership – I can say without hesitation that my Michigan Engineering experience has benefitted me in business." - Harish Sheth|Medium Read