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Making A Middle Class

Can engineering education lift Ethiopia?|Long Read

Artificial Intelligence

Can we create machines who learn like we do?|Long Read

Toilet to Table

|Long Read

Which Way to Mars?

Is a trip to Mars closer today, or as far away as ever?|Long Read

In Our Image

How and why we make machines that move like us |Long Read

True Believers

Game day makes everything else seem dull.|Long Read

Life, Engineered

She’s been called the hidden hand in the movement that enabled smartphones, PCs and the very fabric of Silicon Valley.|Long Read
Students sleeping in bunkbeds

The Room

For four months, Matthias Schotanus would call his room in Bursley his home and would share it with three sophomore roommates he hadn't yet met.|Long Read

Computer Science with Soul

Students in a software engineering course developed technologies to help one teen communicate. They're also working to fill a void in the market for assistive devices.|Long Read
Portrait of Chuck Vest working.

Chuck Vest: Alum who has made a difference

The speed of Vest’s rise illustrates the confidence that he inspired in people. In 1968 he became a Michigan Engineering assistant professor. After 13 years in the classroom, he took the position of associate dean for academic affairs.|Medium Read

Going Beyond Eco-Friendly

"Sustainability" is a hot word right now, but what does it really mean to make a "sustainable solution"? Michigan Engineers are focusing on the "triple-bottom-line" to solve problems around the world.|Long Read
Pablo Vegas and his wife.

Pablo Vegas: Leader, navigator

Pablo Vegas is a true reflection of his younger self. A curious kid who played with microscopes and science kits. The son of an engineer who became a businessman.|Medium Read