Michigan Engineering

hand places ballot in box

In the news: Michigan Engineering experts May 10-14

Highlights include The Conversation, MLive and the Washington Post.|Short Read
volker looking at bendable concrete

Using captured CO₂ in everyday products could help fight climate change, but will consumers want them?

In The Conversation, Michigan Engineering experts from the Global CO2 Initiative discuss public perception of carbon capture and utilization.|Short Read
Fluorescent lights.

Harnessing the hum

The property that makes fluorescent lights buzz could power a new generation of computing devices.|Medium Read
Scott Hall, former doctoral student in aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, adjusts the record-setting X3 thruster at NASA Glenn Research Center in 2017.

Testing advanced space engines here on Earth

U-M is a member of a new $15M institute to improve physics-based modeling of advanced thrusters for human space exploration.|Medium Read
An aerial view of the Mackinac Bridge.

The future of Line 5: Engineering under Lake Michigan

How would Enbridge shut down the controversial pipeline and construct a replacement tunnel?|Long Read
The US from space.

Biden’s climate pledge: Engineers offer insights

Experts on electric vehicles, carbon capture and sequestration, and nuclear energy weigh in.|Short Read
North campus photo taken by a drone

Community teams drive new College initiative toward more inclusive campus

Six month’s of progress and what’s ahead for the College.|Medium Read
Scrap metal heap

Scrap to sustainable sheet metal: A $2M effort to overhaul automotive recycling

The global move to advanced materials and electric powertrains requires a re-evaluation of how we recycle vehicles.|Medium Read
hand places ballot in box

Election lessons from Michigan

Election security expert J. Alex Halderman dissects Antrim County's election debacle to help future contests go more smoothly.|Medium Read
The morning sun rises on the Grove at North Campus of the Universities of Michigan

Setting the nation’s engineering research agenda

Michigan Engineers involved in NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance, a force multiplier for high-impact research.|Medium Read
Guosong Zeng, a postdoctoral scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, at work testing the artificial photosynthesis device developed by Zetian Mi, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Michigan.

Artificial photosynthesis devices that improve themselves with use

'Our discovery is a real game-changer. I’ve never seen such stability.'|Medium Read
Simulation image of an optimized aircraft.

Streamlining aircraft

Joaquim Martins pioneers high-fidelity simulations that bring together multiple disciplines. Recently incorporated into NASA’s open-source software, and being considered for adoption by aircraft manufacturers, the approach has the potential to change the game in aircraft design and other engineering systems.|Long Read