In the News

The New York Times September 8, 2016

Hedge fund and cybersecurity firm team up to short-sell device maker

Group of researchers from the University of Michigan "came to strikingly different conclusions" and says the problems uncovered were overblown in the lawsuit discussed in the article.
In the News September 6, 2016

Great lakes region pivots from fossil fuels

Mark Barteau, CHE professor and director of the Energy Institute, discusses how with mainstay fuels like coal undergoing such changes in use, the Great Lakes region has a unique chance to chart a new path forward in Circle of Blue.
Business Insider September 3, 2016

An experimental policing tool is gaining traction across the country — and there are major civil-liberties concerns

H.V. Jagadish, EECS Professor, discusses how with predictive policing we can have significant civil-liberties issues that arise very quickly.
New Scientist September 1, 2016

Laser made from human blood could help hunt down tumours

Xudong Fan, BME professor, discusses how him and his colleagues are working on a laser made out of blood that would emit infrared light, allowing doctors to hunt down tumours in New Scientist. July 28, 2016

U-M summer grad school research program marks 30 years of opportunity

Donald Richardson, IOE graduate student, discusses how the program has helped him pursue his Ph.D. in industrial and occupational engineering at U-M after attending SROP as an undergrad student. July 21, 2016

U-M Solar Car Team seeking sixth-straight American Solar Challenge win

Shihaab Punia, CE student and team leader, discusses how the University of Michigan Solar Car Team members are hoping to bring back its sixth consecutive victory in the American Solar Challenge, an 8-day, 1,900-mile race that started on July 30 at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio.
In the News July 20, 2016

IOE alum Pooyan Kazemian featured in professional forum

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences featured Kazemian in its July 2016 Open Forum discussion.
The Verge July 13, 2016

The Mr. Robot hack report: Ransomware and owning the smart home

U-M researchers have found vulnerabilities in Samsung’s SmartThings platform that let them set off smoke alarms or even unlock doors.
IEEE Spectrum July 8, 2016

Video Friday: RoboCup finals, crowdsourced robotics, and growing drones in vats

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers teach a robot to walk on a deliberately difficult terrain.
CNN July 7, 2016

Watch a robot learn how to walk

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers are teaching a bipedal robot, MARLO, to walk on uneven terrain.
Gizmodo July 6, 2016

This walking robot looks extremely drunk

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers are teaching robot, MARLO, to walk on uneven terrain. The team will be working on MARLO’s gait algorithms over the summer before it tries out the impromptu course, an art installation called the Wave Field, a second time.
The New York Times June 22, 2016

Anton Yelchin’s death highlights a known issue with Jeeps

Matthew Reed, IOE research professor, who specializes in ergonomics, discusses how typically, automakers test such new designs on consumers.