In the News

Michigan Radio March 29, 2016

University of Michigan engineers developing a shock-absorbing football helmet

Ellen Arruda, ME and MSE professor and a leader of the Mitigatium team, explained the importance of mitigating impulse in a football helmet.
Medical Daily March 29, 2016

Michigan’s air pollution problem is much bigger than the water In Flint

Stuart Batterman, CEE professor, recently sent a letter to the state urging it to deny Marathon Oil a permit to emit more SO2 in Detroit.
Crain's Detroit Business March 26, 2016

UM professors, students lead startup with real-world uses for AI technology

Jason Mars and Lingjia Tang, EECS assistant professors, have just closed on $1.2 million in funding for their start-up, Clinc Inc.
Times of India March 22, 2016

This pill lights up tumours, helps spot breast cancer

Greg Thurber, CHE assistant professor, and a team of scientists have designed a pill that can distinguish benign from cancerous growths during breast cancer screening.
Detroit News March 20, 2016

New U-M center to take medicine to personalized level

U-of-M researchers across many disciplines, including BME professors, have launched the Center for RNA Biomedicine to closely examine the role of RNA in human diseases and make strides in individualizing treatments.
American Chemical Society March 17, 2016

Pill could improve breast cancer diagnoses

Greg Thurber, CHE assistant professor, and his team have developed a pill that could improve breast cancer imaging, lighting up only cancerous tumors.
Mashable March 16, 2016

Researchers work on ways to keep planes ice-free

Kevin Golovin, MSE doctoral student and other University of Michigan researchers announced they have designed a rubber coating that could make deicing easier, and may save airlines time and money in the future if applied to airplanes during the winter.
Detroit Free Press March 15, 2016

Don’t just pay lip service to making things in the USA

Sridhar Kota Professor of Engineering at the University of Michigan asks presidential candidates to commit to bringing manufacturing jobs to Michigan.
Christian Science Monitor March 13, 2016

Icephobic coating: How researchers made the most effective ice-proofer yet

Anish Tuteja, MSE Professor, has worked with his team to develop a new material that could improve and simplify the process of ice removal across a variety of surfaces
Crain's Detroit Business March 13, 2016

PsiKick cracked code for battery-less tech

David Wentzloff, EECS professor and cofounder of PsiKick, has developed self-powered chips that save energy by sleeping when they are not signaled.
The Wall Street Journal March 11, 2016

New advance in keeping ice off surfaces

MSE researchers have developed cheap and accessible ice-repellant coatings that may be used on airplanes, cars, ships, and power lines.
Xconomy March 7, 2016

Zendrive is first participant in U-M’s new TechLab program at MCity

U-M's Center for Entrepreneurship and Mobility Transformation Center have launched TechLab, an incubator and interactive learning project where students work with startups on driverless car technology development.