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Wired April 12, 2016

Sonar may have turned up a long-lost Civil War ship, the Agnes E. Fry

Matthew Johnson-Roberson, NAME assistant professor, works with Nautilus Marine Group International to explore a Civil War-era shipwreck.
Automotive News April 11, 2016

The future of the auto industry is in good hands

Laura Stojan, ME alum and global head of seat purchasing for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is profiled in Automotive News.
April 11, 2016

How University of Michigan alums are impacting the Chicago tech scene

Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, U-of-M alums, are cited in ChicagoInno as prominent venture capitalists currently impacting Chicago tech scene.
Michigan Daily April 10, 2016

Student of the Year: Rama Mwenesi

Rama Mwenesi, IOE student, is the founder of E-MAGINE, a multidisciplinary student startup working to bring Internet access to remote areas in countries like Brazil, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Zambia.
National Science Foundation April 8, 2016

Machine learning and the wisdom of the crowd

Jacob Abernethy, EECS assistant professor, uses a market-oriented perspective to connect algorithmic concepts to financial markets.
The Wall Street Journal April 7, 2016

Toyota teams up with University of Michigan researchers on autonomous driving

Ed Olson, EECS associate professor, and Ryan Eustice, EECS and NAME associate professor, have been hired by Toyota to collaborate on research on fully autonomous cars.
Detroit Free Press April 6, 2016

U-M, IBM team up: Computer clusters to speed up research

Karthik Duraisamy, AERO assistant professor and director of U-M’s Center for Data-driven Computational Physics, told the Free Press that "[s]imulations are driving science, and we are trying to make it very efficient."
Daily Mail April 6, 2016

Now they’ve thawed of everything! Ice-proof coating could mean your freezer will never ice up again

Kevin Golovin, MSE PhD student, and other U-of-M researchers have used physics, rather than chemistry, to design durable ice-repellent rubber.
Detroit News April 4, 2016

New UM center to take medicine to personalized level

Jack Hu, ME and IOE professor, says that "[c]ollaboration across disciplines is one of the hallmarks of the UM community and a key driver of creativity and impact our research. [...] The Center for RNA Biomedicine will build on this core strength to spur progress in medical sciences."
Ebony April 4, 2016

Former NASA engineer makes millions with STEMBoard

Aisha Bowe, AERO alumna, is CEO and co-founder of STEMBoard, a company that develops systems and software for defense and enterprise clients, runs STEM programs for students, and more.
Detroit News April 3, 2016

Miked Up 32: Jeff Gordon talks Corvette, Harbaugh, Axalta

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon discusses a research partnership between the University of Michigan and Axalta Coating Systems.
Esquire April 1, 2016

The challenges: On why full automation is really, really, really hard to pull off

Ryan Eustice, NAME professor, explains why the hardware for autonomous vehicles is here, but full automation is still a ways off.