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In the News July 20, 2016

IOE alum Pooyan Kazemian featured in professional forum

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences featured Kazemian in its July 2016 Open Forum discussion.
The Verge July 13, 2016

The Mr. Robot hack report: Ransomware and owning the smart home

U-M researchers have found vulnerabilities in Samsung’s SmartThings platform that let them set off smoke alarms or even unlock doors.
IEEE Spectrum July 8, 2016

Video Friday: RoboCup finals, crowdsourced robotics, and growing drones in vats

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers teach a robot to walk on a deliberately difficult terrain.
CNN July 7, 2016

Watch a robot learn how to walk

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers are teaching a bipedal robot, MARLO, to walk on uneven terrain.
Gizmodo July 6, 2016

This walking robot looks extremely drunk

Jessy Grizzle, EECS and ME professor, along with U-M engineers are teaching robot, MARLO, to walk on uneven terrain. The team will be working on MARLO’s gait algorithms over the summer before it tries out the impromptu course, an art installation called the Wave Field, a second time.
The New York Times June 22, 2016

Anton Yelchin’s death highlights a known issue with Jeeps

Matthew Reed, IOE research professor, who specializes in ergonomics, discusses how typically, automakers test such new designs on consumers.
The Maritime Executive June 17, 2016

Brave new world: Commercial and regulatory pressures drive new innovations in ship design

Steven Ceccio, NAME professor, discusses how the new era of commercial and regulatory pressure means a paradigm shift for shipowners and ship design.
Crain's Detroit Business June 15, 2016

Credit score company FICO buys University of Michigan spinoff

Mingyan Liu, EECS professor, discusses how the cybersecurity company she cofounded, QuadMetrics, has now been bought by FICO.
Tech.Co June 15, 2016

Just how safe is your home security system?

Atul Prakash, CS professor, discusses how a team of U-M scientists was equipped to hack into prominent smart home security systems — Samsung’s SmartThings — just using malware.
Science June 15, 2016

Lab-grown bones restore pig faces

Scott Hollister, BME professor, who has been able to regrow pig facial bone, discusses how the new technique, now inching toward testing in humans, will still have to prove its advantages over other experimental bone regeneration approaches.
Xconomy June 14, 2016

Companion app allows users to keep a digital eye on loved ones

Lexie Ernst, student, discusses how she and fellow students have attempted to modernize the process of safely getting home alone by developing a peer-to-peer app called Companion, which allows users to connect with family, friends, or public safety officials to keep an eye on them virtually as they walk home.
In the News June 11, 2016

Why can’t we just vote online?

J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, says "There are protections in place to make sure the servers aren’t compromised, but if they are, they can output any vote totals they want," in Pacific Standard.