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In the News November 1, 2016

Developing a modular paper-based detection device for Tuberculosis

This year, the Michigan Synthetic Biology Team presented a novel aptamer-based detection system at the 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Grand Jamboree, earning a silver medal. Story from Expirement. October 26, 2016

White House announces small satellite initiative

Thomas Zurbuchen, AERO professor, was named NASA's new associate administrator for science on September 27th. October 26, 2016

White House announces small satellite initiative

NASA named Thomas Zurbuchen, who had been a professor of space science and aerospace engineering at U-M, as its new associate administrator for science Sept. 27.
Yahoo October 26, 2016

Consider engineering schools with virtual reality lessons

At the College of Engineering at U-M, structural engineering students work in a " virtual reality cave" that constructs 3-D building models so they gain insight into the difference between stable structures and feeble ones.
New Scientist October 26, 2016

Playing Grand Theft Auto can teach autonomous cars how to drive

“I was playing Grand Theft Auto V,” says Matthew Johnson-Roberson at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “I thought, ‘this is just so realistic that it would be a perfect simulation of the real world’.”
In the News October 25, 2016

Researchers discover new rules for quasicrystals

Sharon Glotzer, MSE and CHE professor, worked with colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania to engineer a quasicrystal that is formed by self-assembling nanoparticles an order of magnitude larger that those that form traditional quasicrystals, reports.
MGoBlue October 25, 2016

Haydock engineering a path to success

Bailey Haydock, an Industrial and Operations Engineering senior and member of the University of Michigan women's soccer team, is featured in's "Scholar Stories."
Motherboard October 20, 2016

This is why we still can’t vote online

J. Alex Halderman, professor of CS at U-M, welcomed the opportunity to try to legally break into government software with his students. Within 36 hours, they found a tiny error that gave them full control of the system. October 20, 2016

Mercury’s atmosphere

"Up close we've discovered that charged sodium particles are concentrated near Mercury's polar regions, effectively knocking sodium atoms off Mercury's surface," Thomas Zurbuchen of the U-M said in a statement.
Detroit News October 19, 2016

Great Lakes shipbuilding industry weathers change

Assistant Professor David Singer discusses the history of US shipyards.
Vox October 19, 2016

Tesla’s big bet: $8,000 worth of self-driving hardware in all new cars — before the software is ready

"There's a long ways to go," Edwin Olson of U-M told me earlier this year. "And reliability is the biggest challenge of all. Humans aren't perfect, but we're amazingly good drivers when you think about it.
TechCrunch October 19, 2016

Notion raises $9.5M for a smarter email app, now live on mobile and soon, Alexa

“We have focused on building a great engineering team and also tapped the resources in our network, like U-M’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, and Computer Science professor Jason Mars as an advisor.”