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Associated Press November 10, 2016

Army Corps wants more cooperation from pipeline developer Dakota Access

Mark Barteau UM Professor of Chemical Engineering comments on the Corps' efforts to defuse tensions between pipeline protesters and developers. "Obviously the company is working at its own risk that the case could be reopened. Any realistic threat to do so might change their risk calculus."
Yahoo November 10, 2016

NASA set to launch new fleet of hurricane-tracking small satellites

"Today, we can't see what's happening under the rain," said Chris Ruf, professor in U-M's Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering and principal investigator for the CYGNSS mission.
In the News November 9, 2016

What President Trump means for the future of energy and climate

A prime target is the Environmental Protection Agency and its regulation of greenhouse gases via the Clean Power Plan and methane emissions measures, which are described as “job killers.”
Forbes November 8, 2016

A lot of voting machines are broken across America (but it’s totally normal)

And this year is no different, as voting machines have always been vulnerable, said Matt Bernhard, computer science Ph.D. student at U-M and an expert on the security of electoral systems.
BBC November 8, 2016

US election: Experts keep watch over ‘hack states’

"Unless the election is extraordinarily close, it is unlikely that an attack will result in the wrong candidate getting elected," suggest Matt Bernhard and Professor J Alex Halderman, security experts from U-M.
SpaceNews November 7, 2016

Innovation a priority for new NASA science chief

Zurbuchen former aerospace professor at U-M, where he worked on instruments for several space science missions. “One of the things I used to worry about is whether NASA is innovative enough,” he said. “Are we doing enough? I don’t know.”
IEEE Spectrum November 4, 2016

The security challenges of online voting have not gone away

Matthew Bernhard, second-year computer science Ph.D student at U-M, and J. Alex Halderman, director of U-M's Center for Computer Security and Society, emphasize online voting's longstanding security challenges and setbacks.
In the News November 3, 2016

Forget rigged polls: Internet voting is the real election threat

It was the office of Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at U-M. The hackers were graduate students, proving a point about Washington, D.C.’s fledgling voting system: that internet voting is vulnerable.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers November 3, 2016

Charla Wise named ASME president-nominee at Annual Meeting

Aerospace Engineering Adjunct Professor Charla Wise named American Society of Mechanical Engineers president-nominee for 2017-2018 at ASME Annual Meeting.
Nature World News November 2, 2016

NASA will not compete against Elon Musk’s SpaceX in Mars journey

Zurbuchen, a former professor of space science and aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, also told the media that opposing viewpoints on space science should be tackled with empathy.
In the News November 1, 2016

Developing a modular paper-based detection device for Tuberculosis

This year, the Michigan Synthetic Biology Team presented a novel aptamer-based detection system at the 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Grand Jamboree, earning a silver medal. Story from Expirement. October 26, 2016

White House announces small satellite initiative

Thomas Zurbuchen, AERO professor, was named NASA's new associate administrator for science on September 27th.